2018/2019 Programme and Rules

January 2018 to February 2019

DateCompetitionStart Tees
3 January 2018Bowmaker
10 January4BBB
17 JanuaryTennessee Waltz
24 JanuaryTexas Scramble
31 JanuaryStableford NQ
7 February4BBB
14 FebruaryTexas Scramble
21 FebruaryBowmaker
28 FebruaryStableford NQ
7 MarchTennessee Waltz
14 March4BBB
21 MarchStablefordYellow
28 MarchTexas Scramble
4 AprilMedalGreen
11 April4BBB
18 AprilStablefordGreen
25 AprilTennessee Waltz
2 MayStablefordYellow
9 MayMedalGreen
16 MayDiamond Jubilee Cup - Medal
23 MayWally Sage Trophy - Bowmaker
30 MayClub Championship - Manor Course
6 JuneTexas Scramble
13 JuneMedalYellow
20 JuneEddie Jackman Trophy - Stableford
27 JuneStablefordGreen
4 JulyClub Championship - Duchy Course
11 July4BBB
18 July Captain's Day
25 July Seniors Open - Team Bowmaker
1 AugustCommittee Cup - Stableford
8 AugustBowmaker
15 AugustMedalGreen
22 August4BBB
29 AugustTennessee Waltz
3 September
5 SeptemberRomaine Tantalus - Stableford
12 SeptemberMedalYellow
19 SeptemberBowmaker
26 SeptemberStablefordGreen and White Tees
3 October4BBB
10 OctoberMedalGreen
17 OctoberBowmaker
24 OctoberStablefordYellow
31 October4BBB
7 NovemberTexas Scramble
14 NovemberTennessee Waltz
21 NovemberBowmaker
28 NovemberStableford NQ
5 DecemberTexas Scramble
12 December4BBB
19 DecemberRay Dando Trophy
2 January 2019Bowmaker
9 January4BBB
16 JanuaryTennessee Waltz
23 JanuaryTexas Scramble
30 JanuaryStableford NQ
6 February4BBB
13 FebruaryTexas Scramble
20 FebruaryBowmaker

Weekly Wednesday Competitions

To enter the weekly Wednesday morning competitions, enter your name on the appropriate sheet on the Seniors Notice Board one week in advance of the competition date. The Competition Secretary will draw for start times by the previous Wednesday and post the times on the Senior Notice Board and the Wednesday Draw Section of the Senior Website. You will need to arrive on the Wednesday morning at least fifteen minutes prior to this time to pay your entry fee, collect your score card, secure your entry and meet at the start tee with your playing partners. Late arrivals will be substituted as appropriate. Late entries are accepted on the day but early arrival is advised as players are entered (in rota) into last minute gaps and then tagged onto the end. In the event of it being a team competition, we cannot guarantee it being possible to accommodate late entries if there is the wrong number of seniors to give a complete team.
The current entry fee for Wednesday Competitions is £3.00. The first start time is usually 8am.
Should you fail to notify the Competitions Secretary (or the person running the Competition) you will not only leave other members of your team without an opportunity to play, if there is no reserve, but you are also likely to bring into action a period when you are suspended from Wednesday Competitions as follows:
Failure to notify the Competition Organiser by at least the morning of the Competition and at least 15 minutes prior to your start time, will result in a 3 week suspension period. The only exception to such a suspension will be mitigating emergency circumstances.


To cancel:Call Ray Vickers (Competitions Secretary) at home - 01761 416749 prior to the day of the Wednesday CompetitionIn an emergency and by 8am on the Wednesday morning - contact Ray Vickers (or Competition Organiser) on 07745 516813. This number should only be used on Wednesdays. 

Remember you can find out if the course is closed by referring to the Seniors Home Page on the Website or by calling Farrington Park after 7am and choosing Extension 115.

To comply with the rules of amateur golf, all prize money won in Seniors Section matches and competitions will be added to the member's club card.

Competition Rules

In the completion of the score card it is the players responsibility to ensure the correct gross score has been entered for each hole.
It is the committee’s responsibility to ensure the arithmetic is correct.
Ensure your card has the correct Handicap and is signed by both player and marker to avoid disqualification.

It is permissible when cards are handed in for members to discuss with the committee details about scoring and for the committee to point out omissions (e.g. card not signed correctly), but once the member leaves the card with the committee it is too late and any further errors can lead to disqualification.

PLEASE HAND IN YOUR CARD IMMEDIATELY ON COMPLETION OF YOUR ROUND. This enables The Competions Secretary or the committee to check cards and avoid delay with announcing the results. 

Qualifiers - Computer Entry

It is a committee requirement that for all Qualifiers, competitors enter their scores, on completion of their round, into the PSI terminal by the Seniors Notice Board. You are required to enter scores for all holes played even if you do not complete scores on some holes or decide to retire. Failure to enter scores when you complete a round will mean that you will be recorded as a non-returned card and your Handicap will automatically be increased by 0.1. Should a member fail to return a card they will be disqualified (Rule 6.6) - even if they have only completed one hole. Should a member repeatedly fail to return a card or to enter their score into PSI immediately after their round, they will be advised of the correct procedure and may be subject to disciplinary action e.g player suspended from entering a number of future competitions.

Stableford Competition
Full handicap. Enter the gross score achieved for each hole in the column corresponding to the player's name (should be A). Enter the net score in Column D (optional). Enter points scored in right hand column as follows:
Using net scores
0 points for a score 2 or more over par
1 point for a score 1 over par
2 points for a par
3 points for a score 1 under par
4 points for a score 2 under par
and so on.
Total points for each 9 holes and enter in the appropriate boxes. Calculate total points for 18 holes and enter in the Stableford Points Box.

Medal Competition
Full handicap
Enter the gross score for the named player in column A
Total each 9 holes and enter in appropriate boxes
Total for 18 holes
Enter handicap and calculate net score
Enter your score on the PSI and make sure it tallys with your score card (even if it is a non-return)

Make sure your card is signed by you and the marker and hand the card into the committee.
NB. Players who do not adhere to these rules or who sign for the wrong scores face disqualification.

Identifying your golf ball
The rules of golf require a golfer to be able to identify his or her golf ball.
Please ensure you have used a marker to put a mark on your ball to identify it before you start your round. It helps avoid penalties for hitting the wrong ball and disputes over lost balls.

Suggestions to give teams with only two players an opportunity to compete:-

A wild card player will be randomly selected by the committee. The wild card player will be told to putt out on every hole. At the completion of the round the two ball competitors will use the wild card players score to calculate the team score for their round. This will be managed by the committee in consultation with the twp players. This format will apply to:-

Bowmaker , Multiplier, Tennessee Waltz (with 2 player)

A wild card player will also be used for a yellow ball competition. This wild card player must be one who starts on the same tee. When the wild card player loses a ball he will be asked to indicate this on his card. This player will be allocated the yellow ball on the following basis:-
Yellow Ball (with 2 players)
Player A plays yellow ball on 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16 hole
Player B plays yellow ball on 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 hole
Wild card player scores yellow ball on 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 hole
Rules for Texas Scramble (with 2 players)
Lowest handicap players handicap used twice to calculate team handicap
9 drives each player
Player A allowed 2 shots (after the drive) on all shots on odd holes
Player B allowed 2 shots (after the drive) on all shots on even holes

Rules of Winter & Summer Knock Outs

These amended rules are being applied to avoid delays previously encountered.

• It is the responsibility of the first named player to contact his opponent within a week of the start date and offer a choice of three dates for their match.
• Failure to contact your opponent within the first week will result in disqualification of the first named player.
• If the first named player has attempted and is unable to contact his opponent or his opponent is unable to agree a suitable date for their match then the Knock Out Co-ordinator must be advised.
• Matches must be completed by the final date stipulated for each round to avoid disqualification.
• The only extenuating circumstances for not completing a match will be ‘course closure’

Please note your Knock Out Co-ordinator for the Winter Competition is:- Immediate Past Captain

Texas Scramble Rules
Handicap Allowance
1/10th or 1/8th of combined team handicap. (Farrington Seniors mostly use 1/8th of combined team handicap)
Tee Shots
Each team member’s tee shot must be used 6 times during the 18 hole round. Scorecards should identify which team member’s shot has been selected at each hole. In the event that the team member’s shot must be used and is driven Out of Bounds or Lost, except in a hazard, then all team members play again from the tee under penalty.
Lie of the Ball (through the green)
Once the selected shot has been played, other team members must drop their ball within one club length of the marked position, but no nearer the hole. This applies regardless of whether the ball is on the fairway, in a hazard, in the rough or on the fringe of the green. In doing so the ball must remain on the fairway, in a hazard etc.
Lie of the Ball (on the putting green)
On the green after the first member has putted, other team members must putt from as close as possible to the position from where the first team member putted, but no nearer the hole.
Holing Out
Once a ball has been holed, no further strokes count.
Scoring Record the gross score


The front nine is medal format so score on every hole on the front nine holes and calculate your net score.
The back nine is stableford format so record your stableford score for every hole and total the back nine stableford score

Calculate : front 9 net score – back 9 stableford score for your final result.

The lowest score is the winner.

e.g. Calculation: Your HCP is 19 and your gross medal score on the front 9 is 45.
Since you get 10 shots on the front nine and 9 on the back nine to calculate your net score subtract 10.
Net medal score = 45 – 10 = 35
You score 21 stableford points on the back 9.
Your final result is 35 – 21 = 14

Greensome Rules

Teams of 2—play in fours

Half of combined handicap
Each player drives at each hole
Select which ball to play next
Pick up other ball
If player A’s ball is selected then player B plays next shot & vice versa.
Play then proceeds on an alternate shot basis till the hole is completed.

Penalty shots do not affect the order of play.

Record the gross score.

Bowmaker Rules

Teams of 3
Can be medal or stableford scoring.
Full handicap allowance applies for each player.

Normal format scoring:
holes 1 to 6 - 1 score to count
holes 7 to 12 - 2 scores to count
holes 13 to 18 - 3 scores to count

Alternative formats:-
• Two players scores to count every hole.
•Tennessee Waltz. - on hole 1 one score to count, on hole 2 two scores to count, on hole 3 three scores to count. This format is repeated. Hence 1,2,3......1,2,3 ......etc.

Foursome Rules

Handicap allowance half of the pairs combined HCP

These are played with a partner using one ball only

Players decide who will drive on odd holes and on even holes
Play then proceeds on an alternate shot basis till the hole is complete
Penalty shots do not affect the order of play

Record the gross score

Course Status
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22.02.2019 14:01
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18 hole Duchy Course OPEN, All holes in play. Buggies are allowed but MUST remain on pathways. 9 hole Manor Course OPEN. Please repair pitch marks and divots. Winter Rules in place, with placing everywhere.
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