News and Press Releases

15th February 2018


With almost 50 senior members in attendance the AGM proceeded with outgoing Captain Phil Thompson’s chosen charity for his year of office, the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance receiving a cheque for £4242.78. Situated at Henstridge Airfield on the Somerset and Dorset border their newly commissioned Augusta Westland 169 helicopter can be at any point in the 2 counties in less than 20 minutes. D&S Air Ambulance is a registered charity and receive no direct funding from government or the National Lottery. With almost 900 missions flown from April 2016 to March 2017 and operational costs of more than £2.5 million a year the generosity of the public is critical to the sustainability of this life saving service.

With the previous 3 Wednesday’s washed out by horrendous weather conditions new Seniors Captain Ray Guthrie’s first mission is to pray for better weather!

The new Seniors section Committee is as follows:

Seniors Captain Ray Guthrie (chosen charity Children’s Hospice South West)
Vice Captain Rick Clark
Treasurer Ian Clement
Secretary Mike Hedges
Senior Events Ray Vickers
Competitions Phil Thompson
Fixtures David Elliott
Handicaps Roger Stone
Press & Media Rob Thain
I.T. & Website Alan Skivington

AGM 2018

Wednesday 14th February 2018 @ 2.15pm

Please see Notices for AGM under Committee and Constitution heading

21st January 2018


With weather so bad even the hardiest of dogs would have refused ‘walkies’! It was left to a few brave souls to battle the elements and come out the other end reasonably unscathed.

The greenkeeping staff are to be congratulated on presenting the course open and playable albeit only 13 holes.

A Tennessee Waltz was the competition for the day and a par score of 54 points would be a creditable points tally. However, there is always one team playing where everything clicks on the day and an impressive score of 64 points were amassed by Steve Ball, Kevin Gould and the ever improving Rob Porter. A result warmly applauded by an incredulous audience.


1st Steve Ball, Kevin Gould, Rob Porter. 64 points
2nd Barry Hall, Graham Price, Richard Collier. 56 points
3rd Colin Robinson, Chris Liberty, Andy Smart. 55 points
4th Steve Cook, Mike Henton, Dave Lewis. 55 points
5th Bob Baker, David Brown, Jeff Kelly. 55 points

Nearest the Pins on 8th, Bob Baker; 12th, George Tyrrell; 14th, Kevin Gould; 15th, Chris Liberty.

10th January 2018


In the first senior competition of 2018 the later starters had a definite advantage with the improving weather conditions making play a little easier.

The ideal way to blow away those Christmas cobwebs and walk off those extra mince pies is to play a fourball betterball competition where all four players are totally involved.
Some outrageous scoring suggested a teetotal approach over the Christmas break or perhaps some extra sessions in the gym - both options however seem highly unlikely!

Kevin Gould/David J Millington 47pts on countback,
Pete Maule/Steve Brixey 47pts on countback,
Rob Thain/Pete Barnes 44pts,
Phil Thompson/Andy ~Smart 42pts on countback,
Bill Waddington/Jeff Kelly 42pts on countback,
Leo Seddon/Steve Park 42pts on countback.

Nearest then Pins on:
4th Ham Ridene, on 8th Richard Leworthy, on 14th Bill Waddington and on 15th Leo Seddon.

21st December 2017


A surprisingly mild and pleasant morning greeted the seniors of Farrington Park for the final competition of the year The Ray Dando Trophy and just three clubs and a putter allowed in the bag. Scoring was exceptional with an abundance of scores in the high 30’s. eBay will be particularly busy with a vast array of unnecessary clubs now up for sale! Winning the trophy with an impressive 39 points was Neil Morgan with Bob Earney and Alan Elkington just a single point behind.
The same evening saw the Seniors Christmas Lunch and Presentation of Trophies and Awards.

Our thanks go to the catering staff for a fine meal and congratulations to all winners of awards and trophies on the night.

We are all looking forward to 2018 for great golfing and bonhomie.

Trophy Winners for 2017

Club Champion Manor Course - Tony Waldron
Club Champion Duchy Course - Mike Woodward
Wally Sage Trophy - Don Perry, Bob McKeegan-Brown and Adrian Miller
Diamond Jubilee Cup - Steve Cope
Eddie Jackman Trophy - Ray Parker
Captains Day Tantalus - Barry Hall
Committee Cup - Rob Thain
Ray Dando Trophy - Neil Morgan

Knockout Competition Winners for 2017

Winter Duchy Course - Rob Thain
Winter Manor Course - Roger Stone
Summer Duchy Course - Kirk Bizley
Summer Pairs Duchy Course - Phil Thompson & Tony Waldron

7th December 2017


The weather forecast was broadcasted as freezing temperatures and rain. Well we all know about forecasting don’t we?

It turned out to be particularly mild and no rain - who would be a weather forecaster.

On a course reduced to a par 68 a Texas Scramble was played, with 6 drives each but with a combined handicap allowance of three tenths!

Winning with a score of 47.1 were A Elkington, R Wilkinson and G Robinson. Second place were F Grist, C Liberty and R Leworthy with 48.8 and in third place were B Hall, D Brown and R Porter with 50.7.

The final competition of the year is the Ray Dando Trophy which is played using just three clubs and a putter. This is followed by the Seniors Christmas Dinner and Trophy Presentation.

30th November 2017


On a bitterly cold morning even the most hardened of brass monkey would have struggled. With players dressed up as Arctic explorers complete with hand warmers and flasks of coffee it was more akin to a trip to the North Pole than 18 holes of golf at Farrington Park.

A non qualifying Stableford was the the order of the day and despite the conditions some good scores were forthcoming.

Div I? Alan Elkington 39, Bob Baker 37, Fred Grist 35, Phil Thompson 35, Steve Ball 34
Div II Pete Barnes 37, Rick Clark 35, Neil Morgan 34, Dave Millington 33, David Brown 31
Div III Geoff Skyrme 33, John Holland 33, Nigel Savage 32, Andy Smart 32, Steve Park 31

Nearest the Pins 4th Phil Bryant, 8th Leo Seddon, 14th Terry Stacey, 15th Barry Hall

22nd November 2017

Farrington Park Seniors Bowmaker

Farrington seniors arrived for the Wednesday Bowmaker Competition with winds of 40mph blowing already.So many brave 3 balls started the battle with the occasional help from a downwind hole.But despite the conditions some good scoring was achieved.The top four teams were pretty close with in 4th place the trio of Alan Elkington David Brown and Steve Ball on 74 points losing on count back to Barry Hall Kevin Gould and Eddie Cheaseley in third.Second place went to Steve Symonds birthday boy Dave Elliott and Graham Robinson on 75 points.But the trio to master the conditions in first place and clear winners with 78 points were Colin Robinson Ray Parker and Rob Porter.

5th Place Fred Grist Ray Guthrie Richard Leworthy 72 points

4th Place Alan Elkington Dave Brown Steve Ball 74 points

3rd place Barry Hall Kevin Gould Eddie Cheaseley 74 points

2nd Place Steve Symonds Dave Elliott Graham Robinson 75 points

1st Place Colin Robinson Ray Parker Rob Porter 78 points

Nearest PINS - 5th Hole Graham Robinson, 8th Hole Dave Brain, 15th Hole Kevin Gould

Nearest Pin in 2 - 14th Hole Steve Gay

15th November 2017

Farrington Seniors Tennessee

In great autumn conditions and the course playing long I am sure Mozart if he had played golf would have been impressed by the excellent scoring with the third place waltz going to Phil Thompson Rick Clark and Eddie Cheasley on 79 points. In second spot with a good concerto was Mike Bradbury Eric Nott and Andy Smart on 80 points. But a excellent overture with a great score to take top prize was the team of Fred Grist, Bill Waddington and Brian Weeks on 82 points.

1st Fred Grist Bill Waddington Brian Weeks 82 points

2nd Mike Bradbury Eric Nott Andy Smart 80 points

3rd Phil Thompson Rick Clark Eddie Cheasley 79 points

4th Mike Hedges Tony Clements Rob Porter 77 points

5th Alan Skivington Kevin Gould Steve Mitchell 76 points

Nearest Pins - 5th Doug Nash, 8th Geoff Skyrme, 15th Steve Cook

Nearest Pin in 2 - Ham Ridene

8th November 2017

Senior's Texas Scramble

In beautiful Autumn sunshine a good field participated in the Texas Scramble with the Yellow Tees causing players to hit a good shot of the tee on the par4 and par 5 .It was very tight at the top with 2nd and 3rd places decided on count back with in third place the 3 ball of Barry Hall Rick Clark and Fraser McGregor and in second place on the same score was Colin Robinson Bill Waddington and Steve Mitchell but the top prize went to the Seniors Captain's team of Phil Thompson Graham Price and Steve Park.

1st Phil Thompson, Graham Price, Steve Park. 55.80

2nd Colin Robinson, Bill Waddington, Steve Mitchell. 57

3rd Barry Hall, Rick Clark, Fraser McGregor 57

4th Steve Symonds, Ray Guthrie, John Holland 58.30

5th Mike Ashwin, Chris Gibbery, Malcolm Brooks 58.50

Nearest pins - 5th Tony Edwards, 8th Rob Thain, 15th Fraser McGregor. Nearest the pin in 2 - 14th Rick Clark

2nd November 2017


The start of November and the golf course had a definite autumnal feel about it. A cold start to the day but as the forecasters had correctly predicted the day turned into a much more pleasant affair.

Waiting for the results to come in the captain tried out his warm up routine on his unsuspecting audience. The overwhelming verdict - Don't give up your day job just yet!

Tim Waller/Phil Toogood 48pts,
Phil Thompson/Ray Guthrie 48pts,
Steve Symonds/Mike Astle 45pts,
Philip Michael/Ray Wilkinson 44pts,
Kevin Gould/Nigel Punchard 43pts,
Tony Thorp/Ian Clement 43pts.

Nearest the Pins: 5th Dave Metcalfe, 8th Mike Ashwin, 14th Rob Thain and 15th Fred Grist

29th October 2017


From the outset it looked to be almost the perfect day, with the early morning mist gradually moving away and the sun slowly peeping through the clouds. Underfoot however it was a totally different story. Heavy rain had made the first cut and rough really challenging and the scoring for all three divisions bore testament to that.

It was left to Len Salter to top score with a fine 38 points and the only handicap cut of the day. Brian Weeks with the only 2s pot went home a happy man and £40 the richer.

Div I Steve Symonds 35, Dave Metcalfe 33, Barry Hall 31, Mike Bradbury 31, Phil Thompson 31
Div II Len Salter 38, Eric Nott 30, David Brown 30, Bob Earney 29,
Ray Guthrie 28
Div III Steve Banfield 31, Nigel Savage 31, Steve Mitchell 31, Dave Lewis 31, Alan Smith 29

Nearest the Pins 5th Mike Hedges, 8th Eric Nott, 14th Ham Ridene, 15th Barry Hall

19th October 2017


On a dank, miserable morning more suited to Himalayan trekking the seniors of Farrington Park did their utmost to beat the elements. A few needed guides to return them safely to base camp. The remainder battled on and were rewarded with adulation and respect - if only that were true!

It was left to the trio of Rob Thain, Philip Michael and Dave Lewis to bring normality to the day thereby ensuring that Captain Phil Thompson and his team were not yet again in the winners enclosure. Having racked up more column inches than Brexit, Messrs Thompson and Glibberys winnings over the last four weeks have put them in reach of the 40% tax bracket!

Rob Thain/Philip Michael/Dave Lewis 88pts,
P Thompson/Tony Clement/Colin Glibbery 88pts,
Rob Chappell/David Brown/Gerald Shearn 81pts,
Tony Thorp/Steve Gay/Roger Stone 80pts,
George Tyrrell/Alan Skivington/Andy Sharp 80pts

Nearest the Pins on 5th Len Salter, 8th Ken Hutton, 14th Rob Chappell and 15th Ham Ridene.

7th October 2017


Clear blue skies greeted the early starters for this 4 ball better ball competition. With scoring unbelievably high there was no disguising the fact that a number of players should be sporting Mexican style moustaches! Thankfully the handicap secretary was on hand to cast a beady eye over the whole proceedings.

Winners with 48 points on countback were David Metcalfe more than ably assisted by Colin Glibbery. In second place also on 48 points were Len Salter and Alan Taylor. Third spot went to Mike Bradbury and Mike Astle with 46 points on count back from Phil Thompson and Kevin Gould also with 46 points.

Nearest the pins on 5th, Alan Elkington; 8th, Mike Bradbury; 14th, Kevin Gould and 15th, Len Salter.

Cumberwell Park avenged their defeat some 2 weeks earlier by winning away to Farrington Park 4-2. A good rapport has already built up between the two clubs and we look forward to many more close encounters over the coming seasons.

7th October 2017


The Sherborne Shield was played out on a lovely sunny morning on the 9 hole Manor Course.

The ladies take on the Seniors and over the years the gents have racked up a significant number of wins.

This year there were a number of ladies who were playing in the competition for the first time and had a thoroughly good time.

Some matches were close, others not so! In the early stages the ladies were up in the first 4 matches. . As games were completed the ladies were understandably getting quite excited at the prospect of a memorable victory. They were 3 up with 4 to play, one win would secure victory.

The gents had other ideas.and by winning three of the last 4 matches and halving the remaining game The Sherborne Shield was a draw for only the second time in more than 20 years. Well done to the ladies who hopefully will be back for more friendly competition next year.

29th September 2017

On a fine September morning the senior men of Farrington Park set out on their quest for glory. Naturally the winners were not disappointed. A qualifying Stableford off the green tees provided some excellent scoring with new member Colin Gibbery top scoring with an impressive 42 points.

Div 1
Terry Stacey 41pts, Steve Ball 39, Rob Chappell 37, Phil Thompson 37, Steve Symonds 35
Div 2
Alan Taylor 39, Ray Guthrie 38, Bill Waddington 37, Bev Woodland 37, David Brown 36
Div 3
Colin Gibbery 42, David Taylor 35, Geoff Skyrme 32, Bill Lane 32, Andy Smart 32

Friendly fixture result lost 5-2 at home to The Bristol

22nd September 2017


Cumberwell Park Golf Club played host to the seniors of Farrington Park for the inaugural friendly fixture between the two clubs. They were warmly greeted by their hosts and the complimentary coffee was a nice touch. However with a winning streak of six matches Farrington were keen to extend their unbeaten run. The result a 4.5 to 1.5 win for Farrington was not in the Cumberwell script and with the reverse fixture due in two weeks time we may well be in for a tighter scrap.

The weekly seniors competition was a Bowmaker with only 6 points separating the top five teams.

1st ?Phil Thompson/Rich Dancey/Andy Smart ?90 points
2nd?Alan Smith/Steve Gay/Alan Bishop???89 points
3rd?Bill Sims/Rick Clark/Richard Collier???88 points
4th?Rob Thain/Don Perry/Micke Henton??85 points
5th?Steve Symonds/David Brown/Geoff Skyrme?84 points

Nearest the Pins on 5th Geoff Skyrme, 8th David Metcalfe; 14th Alan Smith; 15th David Brown

7th September 2017


A record entry of 87 senior golfers assembled at Farrington Park for the Senior Captains Day. On a beautifully warm, sunny day Captain Phil Thompson decided to put the full course to work by using white, yellow green and red tees. Prizes for nearest the pin in one, two and three shots were up for grabs on 14 of the 18 holes with spoils of the bottle shaped variety kindly supplied by local sponsors and Farrington Park.

A stableford competition was the order of the day and with the variety of tees in use 2nd and 3rd shots were being taken from some very unusual places! The overall winner on the day was Fred Grist with an impressive 43 points winning him a host of prizes the most useful of all being an umbrella - always handy on regular trips to Wales!

After 9 holes everyone was invited to test their skills on the simulator. The majority of players seriously underclubbed but the winner on the day getting within 9 feet of the hole was Neil Morgan.

Following the prize giving, senior golfer Bob Earney presented a cheque for £1036 towards the Air Ambulance charity. This fantastic amount was raised by many members of the golf club who sponsored Bob on his weight loss programme. Suffice it to say that now known as ‘sixpence’ as he's only half a bob ( younger readers please Google) losing an admirable 100 lbs (younger readers that's 45kgs) in just 7 months. Well done Bob on your dedication and belief.

Huge thanks to Phil for organising a fun day, Paul Adams for running the simulator competition and to Ray Vickers for his tireless contribution on a busy day. Vice Captain Ray Guthrie is already in touch with specialist advisors for next years competition.

3rd August 2017


With President Trump going through staff like there's no tomorrow, Farrington Park Seniors were thinking a similar ending when confronted by atrocious weather conditions for the playing of the Committee Cup. Some 40 players ventured out but sadly only 23 completed the 18 holes. Search parties were despatched for the missing who were eventually discovered safe and sound mumbling and burbling but bearing little resemblance to their appearances some 4 hours earlier.

Div I Winner of Committee Cup Rob Thain 36pts, Tony Waldron 34 pts, Phil Thompson 34 pts, Brian Brown 31 pts, Steve Ball 31 pts.
Div II Pearce O'Shea 36 pts, David Brown 35 pts, Don Perry 33 pts, Ray Guthrie 32 pts, Richard Dancey 28pts.
Div III Steve Banfield 34 pts, Richard Collier 33 pts, John Holland 29 pts, Jim Farmer 28 pts, Steve Mitchell 22 pts.

Friendly Match Result at home beat Stockwood Vale 7-1.

Picture features Rob Thain receiving the Cup from Seniors Captain Phil Thompson.

20th July 2017


The annual playing of the Romaine Tantalus took place on a fine breezy day although dark rain clouds did their best to disrupt proceedings. With a number of players in good form scoring was competitive. However it was left to Barry 'Half A Lager' Hall to lift the trophy and claim top spot with an impressive 43 points.
Div I Barry Hall 43, Steve Symonds 41, Mike Hedges 40, Neil Morgan 37, David Metcalfe 37.
Div II Kevin Gould 40, Tony Clement 40, Bill Waddington 39, Philip Michael 38, Bob Earney 38
Div III Jim Farmer 41, Rob Porter 39, Richard Collier 39, Dave Taylor 38, Roger Cockhill 37

Nearest the Pins: 5th Geoff Russell, 8th Mike Woodward, 14th Keith Shepherd, 15th Ray Parker.

12th July 2017


The Match is traditionally a 4 ball betterball competition played by Ladies versus Senior Men over 18 holes on the Duchy Course. Months of meticulous preparation, involving nutritionists, personal trainers and physiotherapists had the Senior Men at the peak of physical fitness and mentally finely tuned! What they had not considered was the weather.

The plan was to lull the Ladies into a sense of false security by a seemingly uncharacteristically poor display on the front 9 holes, then steamroller them on the back nine!

Their cunning plan was thwarted by none other than - RAIN! It was agreed that if the weather conditions deteriorated the competition would be played over the front 9 holes only.

Well Done Ladies on winning for the 2nd year running with a fine 6-3 victory. The Men are already discussing a plan even more cunning than this years cunning plan!

7th July 2017


Traditionally the first week of Wimbledon heralds the falling to the wayside of British players and daily rain delays. This year however our men and ladies have performed well and rain has been conspicuous by its absence. Indeed spectators have wilted in the extreme heat.
Senior golfers are made of stronger stuff! The Seniors Club Championship is always a hotly contested affair and this years competition was no exception. With temperatures in the 90's and no wind to speak of it was evident that some really low scores were in the offing. With gross and net trophies up for grabs some familiar names were mentioned in despatches. However, anyone who has ever played with Mike Woodward will know that he will always jest his 'lot of bad luck'. Not on this occasion - a sparkling round of 83 ensured his lifting of the gross trophy by 2 clear shots from Steve Symonds. Net champion Philip Michael winning by a similar margin to runner up Alan Skivington.

Picture shows left to right, Mike Woodward winner of gross trophy, Phil Thompson Seniors Captain and Philip Michael winner of net trophy.

24th June 2017


On one of the hottest days since 1976 the Seniors of Farrington Park contested the Eddie Jackman Trophy. Sadly, last September Eddie passed away, a wonderful man who at the age of 90 was still active and playing golf. He always insisted on presenting the trophy to the winner along with the customary bottle of scotch - his favourite tipple! This was the first playing for the trophy since his death and he is sorely missed. The trophy is competed for by players of 23 handicap and above and was won by Ray Parker with a fine score of 44 points.

Div I: G Bradley 40pts, C Standen 38pts, B Brown 38pts, B Sims 38pts, L Seddon 36pts.
Div II: L Salter 45pts, N Morgan 44pts, B McKeegan-Brown 39pts, A Taylor 39pts, T Thatcher 38pts
Div III R Parker 44pts, S Park 40pts, J Wring 37 pts,T Russell 37pts, N Savage 36pts.

Friendly Match Result at home to Shirehampton won 4.5 to 2.5

Picture has Ray Parker (left) receiving the trophy from Seniors Captain, Phil Thompson.

Somerset bowl

Farrington Seniors v Burnham and Berrow

On probably the warmest day of the year so far the bowl team traveled back to Tall Pines to play B and B .unfortunatley they were to hot to handle leading from the front captain Phil Thompson and partner Steve Symonds wrapped their match up on the14 th green with a 5/4 win the next 3 matches all ended in defeat , Paul Thomas/ Steve Ball 3/1 loss John ward/Keith Shepherd 3/2 loss and Dave Metcalfe/Fred Grist 3/1 loss . Only a spirited come back from B and B s fifth pair stopped Dave Jones and Alan Elkington winning,having to settle for a contrived half on the 17th green. The captain thanked his team for their support and said that all played well should be proud of themselves.Lets hope for a better draw next year.

15th June 2017


On a gloriously sunny day a huge field of almost 80 players took to the fairways of Farrington Park. Playing a monthly medal off the forward tees scoring was predictably low. Seniors Captain Phil Thompson won Div I with a net 68, Tony Thorp shot a 67 in Div II but without doubt the round of the day came from Div III player Bill Waddington with a remarkable net 62 off a handicap of 25. His euphoria was quickly doused on hearing his new handicap was 21.
He was unavailable for comment at the post match interview!

Div I Phil Thompson 68, Terry Stacey 69, John Ward 69.
Div II Tony Thorp 67, Peter Barnes 68, Alan Taylor 69.
Div III Bill Waddington 62, Jim Wring 67, Geoff Skyrme 72.

Friendly Match Results. Home to Orchardleigh won 4-2, home to Wheathill won 3.5-2.5, away to Tall Pines won 4-2.

2nd June 2017


With a prolonged dry spell of weather still continuing the Seniors of Farrington Park gathered for the annual playing of the Diamond Jubilee Cup. With the course in excellent condition and the greens running true and quick scoring was very competitive. The competition is played in 3 divisions with the winner scoring the best net medal round. Steve Cope was victorious winning on countback from Steve Ball both players recording nett 68's.

Div 1: Steve Ball 68, Tony Waldron 69, Alan Elkington 69, Leo Seddon 70, Rob Chappell 70
Div 2: Steve Cope 68 (winner of Diamond Jubilee Cup), David Millington 70, Kevin Seery 71, Shaun Carter 72, Len Salter 72
Div 3: Jim Farmer 72, Dave Lewis 74, Steve Banfield 74, Steve Park 78, Phil Bryant 78

Steve Cope (left) receiving the Cup from Seniors Captain, Phil Thompson

26th May 2017


With the temperature hotter than Chef Ramsey's hottest kitchen, Farrington Park seniors were roasted, baked and sautéed in the heat of the May Day sun. On the menu was the Wally Sage Trophy played for every year in memory of the big man himself. He would have been proud of the efforts to win this prestigious trophy. Winners this year were ex captain Bob McKeegan-Brown, Don 'I only use 3 clubs' Perry and long serving member Adrian Miller. All 3 players contributing to an impressive winning score of 93 points.

Bob McKeegan-Brown/Don Perry/Adrian Miller 93pts
John Butler/Steve Ball/Rob Porter 90pts
Rob Chappell/Peter Barnes/Eddie Cheasley 90pts
Roger Cockhill/Richard Dancey/Tony Quinn 89pts

Pictured are left to right Bob McKeegan-Brown, Adrian Miller, Don Perry and Seniors Captain Phil Thompson.

The Seniors Rosebowl Team got off to winning ways with a fine victory against Vivary Park at Wells. The next round will be a tougher affair with a trip to Tall Pines against what us sure to be a strong Burnham and Berrow team. Bring it on!

1st May 2017


O a cool but sunny day Farrington Park Seniors embarked on their mission to discover the secrets of 'How to win a Tennessee Waltz'.
Unfortunately too many players had already read the script and the top three teams all tied with identical scores therefore bringing the countback ruling into play. Tales of duffed drives and short missed putts were aplenty.

1st Colin Robinson, Pete Maule and Richard Collier 84pts
2nd Mike Bradbury, Bob Baker and Geoff Skyrme 84pts
3rd Brian Brown, Paul Cains and Hugo Pike 84pts
4th Philip Michael, Terry Thatcher and Jim Farmer ?82pts
5th Ham Ridene, David Brown and Bill Waddington 81pts

Don't forget our Seniors Open on Wednesday 10th May with bacon roll and coffee for a fiver and lots of raffle prizes.

24th April 2017


The Montgomerie Suite at Farrington Park was the place to be last Friday evening. Former Seniors Captain David Elliott had chosen Wizzybugs as his preferred charity during his reign as Captain. Just before Christmas he suggested a Charity Dinner to raise funds and where a sporting personality could entertain the diners. Within 4 weeks Billy Foster, caddie to PGA professional and Ryder Cup player Lee Westwood was booked and it was 'game on'. One hundred and twenty people,not all golfers incidentally, were wined dined and entertained. After 30 years on tour and one of the most popular caddies on the circuit, Billy regaled his audience with his tales of life as a 'bag man' carrying for the likes of Gordon Brand Jnr, Seve Ballesteros, Thomas Bjorn, Sergio Garcia, Darren Clarke and finally now with Lee Westwood. Following a very successful raffle which raised over £1100 an auction was held with donated items fetching an unbelievable £1700. With members of the golf club and local businesses sponsoring the event a final figure in excess of £9000 was raised. The charity Wizzybugs based in Bath provide unique powered wheelchairs for children aged 14 months to 5 years and the money raised far exceeded everyone's expectations and a delighted Matthew Jacobs from the charity thanked all of those involved in the organisation and subsequent fundraising for their incredible efforts.

20th April 2017


With the election campaign well underway it was the turn of Farrington Park seniors to make their voices heard in welcoming the first qualifying Stableford of the season. Some excellent scores were recorded due mainly to the unseasonal sunshine or maybe just dedicated hard winter work - who knows!

Div 1 Bill Sims 42pts, Rob Thain 40pts, Barry Hall 39pts
Div 2 Paul Cains 46pts, Rick Clark 42pts, Bob Baker 42pts
Div 3 Ian Clement 42pts, Kevin Gould 40pts, Jim Farmer 40pts

Nearest the Pins on 5th Jeff Kelly, 8th Rob Thain, 14th Gerald Shearn, 15th John Richardson.

Friendly Match Result won 5-3 at home to Isle of Wedmore.

6th April 2017


Yellow Ball competition - who suggested that little beauty then? Some thought to just make it up as they went along. Others thought it fun to let the card checkers fill in the gaps! Even Mystic Meg would have failed miserably. We got there in the end though - I think? Ah well that's Seniors golf all good fun even if you can't remember why!

Bill Sims/Mike Hedges/Kevin Gould 130pts
Phil Thompson/Bev Woodland/Boyd Francis 129pts
Brian Brown/Shaun Carter/Mike Rawlings 124pts
Leo Seddon/Pete Maule/Bill Waddington 124pts
Mike Woodward/Jeff Kelly/Alan Taylor 122pts

Nearest the Pins: 5th Graham Bradley, 8th Leo Seddon, 14th Philip Michael, 15th Malcolm Brooks

Friendly Match Result lost away to Stockwood Vale 5 and a half 1 and a half.

29th March 2017


Now we have more daylight than we know what to do with it's almost enjoyable - if only for a bit of sunshine! Still it is only April after all. Texas Scramble six drives each. Now some like to get their six over with as soon as possible. Others like the glory of always wanting the 18th as their last drive - lunacy! Especially if you mess it up.

Graham Bradley/Phil Toogood/Mike Astle 58.38
Steve Symonds/Bob McKeegan-Brown/Roger Stone 58.50
Mike Woodward/Dave Jones/Bob Earney 59.25
Rob Thain/Mike Henton/Steve Gay 60.75
Tony Quinn/Steve Ball/Alan Bishop 61.50

Nearest the Pins 5th Jeff Bruton; 8th Graham Price; 14th Brian Brown; 15th Dave Metcalfe

Friendly Match Result: Farrington Park 5 Wells 2

22nd March 2017


Picture this. Bristol Airport, end of March, past midnight, cold wet and windy. Probably not in your top ten of holiday snaps! And it came to pass that forty of Farrington's finest arrived back after a week of Spanish sunshine only to find that the Almighty had decreed that Celsius from forthwith would be recorded in single figures only! What a shock to the system. However an enjoyable time was had by all. Good golfing, fabulous food and booze by the bucket. Roll on next March.

Don't forget to sign up for friendly matches this season. It is a very sociable affair and it doesn't matter what your handicap is so get your name down. Upcoming games are 4 April away to Stockwood Vale and home to Isle of Wedmore on 11 April.

1st March 2017


With the daffodils in full bloom and Welsh rugby supporters downcast after two successive defeats, St Davids Day was a muted affair. New Seniors Captain Phil Thompson dutifully carried out his Captains Drive In on the sixth hole and despite the tension and a couple of beers managed to keep in in play! The last non qualifying Stableford of the golfing season brought some excellent scoring. With the new Players Obligations in force from 1 January the handicap committee were casting a very beady eye over several players. No names - yet! Division 2 player Peter Barnes top scored on the day with a fine 43 points.

Div 1
Dave Forshaw 41pts
Tony Waldron 40pts
Dave Brain 38pts
Colin Robinson 38pts
Phil Thompson 38pts

Div 2
Peter Barnes 43pts
Steve Ball 41pts
Bob Baker 38pts
Philip Michael 37pts
George Tyrrell 37pts

Div 3
Kevin Gould 40pts
Boyd Francis 38pts
Dave Lewis 38pts
John Richardson 36pts
Roger Stone 35pts

Picture shows Phil Thompson, Seniors Captain holding the pose!

16th February 2017


With rain expected mid morning the late starters completed their games thoroughly soaked and less than pleased. Despite the conditions the scoring was more than acceptable for this Texas Scramble competition.

The Seniors AGM was scheduled for a 2.30pm start thus giving sufficient drying out time for those miserably wet individuals. A good turnout of almost 50 senior members attended the AGM and welcomed newly elected Phil Thompson as their Seniors Captain for 2017.

Our thanks go to outgoing captain David Elliott whose mixture of fun and fair play was widely appreciated. In an attempt to 'silence' the mass of players for the weekly presentation of prize winners the outgoing captain miserably failed to master the South African Vuvuzela - he now has ample time to perfect his skills!

Alan Elkington, Tony James & Ian Clement 59.75
Paul Cains, Ray Wilkinson & John Butler 60.25
Ham Ridene, David Metcalfe & Boyd Francis 60.25
Leo Seddon, Richard Collier & Wild Card 60.38
Steve Ball, Bob Baker & Hugo Pike 60.38

Nearest the Pins on 5th Tim Waller, 8th Mike Astle, 14th David Metcalfe & 15th Pete Maule.

12th February 2017

Captains ( Final ) Blog No: 14

Good Afternoon,

As always a few points for information.

1. AGM - 15th February - 2.30pm

It is important that members attend our AGM, being held this coming Wednesday. It is your section and an opportunity to ask questions relating to the past and forthcoming year as well as taking the opportunity to thank those Committee members who work so hard on your behalf and also to potentially suggest possible improvements/changes for the Committee to consider.

2. Seniors Open - Wed 10th May

Please do not leave it too late to enter our Open, it is always a great occasion and we need your support to maintain our reputation. Contact Chris Liberty to confirm your entry and Tee time.

3. Count back

Several members have recently asked how we use the ' count back ' system when scores are tied in a Wednesday Comp. The simple answer is that we use holes 10 - 18, irrespective of whether you started on the 1st or 10th.

4. Friendly Matches

The availability sheet is now on the notice board for March. We have improved the fixture list this year so why not make yourself available?

5. Returning / Recovering members -

It was great to see that Jim Wring has started to play the 9 hole, following an absence of almost 12 months. Also we wish Mo Deury, Bill Lane, Graham ' swampy ' Marsh and Eric Nott a speedy recovery.

I would also like to send our very best wishes to Roger Farr who is battling a serious illness. Our thoughts are with you Roger, especially for your forthcoming marriage to Jan on 20th February.

6. Books for Sale -

Rob Thain has very kindly donated a number of paperbacks, all in good condition. These are just 3 for £5, with all proceeds going to the Captains Charity. Rob will have them displayed for your perusal on Wednesday.

7. Billy Foster Dinner - 21st April

We have just 2 tickets available for what will be a fantastic evening of fun & entertainment. Cost is only £45, contact Rob Thain if you are interested.

8. Captains Health Update-

Now into week 10 post Op following left Hip replacement and recovery going well. I expect to be in the driving range by the end of Feb and playing on tour in Spain 15th - 22nd March.

Finally, thank you for asking me to be your Captain over the past year, it has been a great honour and privilege. I have greatly enjoyed the role and appreciate the support you have given me.

I would also like to record my grateful thanks to all the Committee members who have supported me, especially my vice Captain Phil Thompson.

Enjoy your golf,


11th February 2017


England pipping Wales at the post, Bath Rugby winning with the last kick of the game. All this pales into insignificance with the outstanding performances from Dave Forshaw and Nigel Savage. A fourball betterball competition average score 44 points - not nearly enough on this occasion. This formidable pairing destroyed everyone in sight with an incredible 48 points - and had only scored two points after the first 2 holes. Following the standard drug test both players denied Russian ancestry!

Dave Forshaw & Nigel Savage 48pts
Dave Metcalfe & John Holland 44pts
Steve Gay & Rob Porter 43pts
Jim Farmer & Kevin Gould 43pts
Bob Baker & Richard Collier 43pts
Mike Ashwin & Neil Morgan 42pts

Nearest the pins on 5th Dave Metcalfe, 8th Bob Baker, 14th Rob Thain, 15th Neil Morgan

Don't forget to sign up for the friendly fixtures. Away to Kendleshire 23 March and home to Wells on 28 March.

1st February 2017


Torrential rain had battered the course for the previous 72 hours but even after this onslaught puddles were few and far between. Thankfully at this time of the year we only play non qualifying Stablefords. Naturally with little or no run on the ball those well hit shots were still annoyingly landing short. There are much more important things to worry about - NHS, State Visits and Brexit to name just a few!

Div 1: Tony Waldron 31pts, Pearce O'Shea 30pts, Dave Forshaw 30pts, Barry Hall 28pts, Ham Ridene 28pts
Div 2: Phil Toogood 30pts, Terry Thatcher 28pts, Chris Liberty 28pts, Pete Barnes 24pts, Nigel Savage 23pts
Div 3: Ian Clement 26pts, Roger Stone 26pts, Mike Henton 23pts, Rob Porter 23pts, Kevin Gould 23pts

Nearest the Pins on 8th Tony Waldron, 14th Dave Metcalfe, 15th Phil Bryant, 17th Phil Thompson

AGM reminder 15th February in the Montgomerie Suite at 2.30pm.

25th January 2017


Doing the best impersonation of escapee penguins from Bristol Zoo braving the cold wind and frosty conditions, a great turnout of 71 seniors are to be congratulated on their resilience and fortitude. Texas Scramble is a format where all players play their part and can be a lengthy process. Search parties are regularly despatched to find missing teams and it is a minor miracle that all players were accounted for! The course is in great condition. No temporary greens - what a joy! There are roped off areas but we will all see the benefit of this in the improved course conditions in the coming season. Well done to Andy and his crew.

Dave Metcalfe, Tim Waller & Tony Edwards 61
Ken Hutton, Shaun Carter & Roger Stone 61.75
Barry Hall, Tony James & Jim Farmer 62.38
Kevin Seery, George Tyrrell & Bob Earney 63
Brian Brown, Rick Clark & Gerald Shearn 63

Nearest the Pins on 4th Rob Porter, 8th Phil Thompson, 14th Ham Ridene, 15th Tony James.

18th January 2017


With weather reminiscent of a fine spring morning, 70 plus Seniors took full advantage of the unusual climate and enjoyed a good mornings work. A Tennessee Waltz was the competition for the day and scores were surprisingly well short of the norm.

Mike Hedges, Ray Guthrie & Alan Bishop 79 pts

Leo Seddon, Paul Cains & Dave Lewis 78 pts

Rob Thain, Laurence Barlow & Richard Collier 78 pts

Bill Sims, Brian Brown & Kevin Gould 77 pts

Chris Standen, Bob Baker & Dave Brain 75 pts

Nearest the Pins, 4th Ian Clement, 8th Phil Thompson, 14th Fred Grist, 15th Jim Farmer.

Don’t forget the Seniors AGM on Wednesday 15th February at 2.30pm in the Montgomerie Suite. Be there or be square - its bound to be fun!

11th January 2017


On a day predicted to be extremely cold and very windy fortunately both elements were missing so providing Farrington Park seniors with an enjoyable round of golf on a course in excellent condition. Keith Shepherd and Bob Baker took the honours with a score of 45 points in the 4BBB competition.

Keith Shepherd/Bob Baker 45pts
Paul Cains/Jim Farmer 44pts
Phil Thompson/Derek 43pts
Terry Thatcher/Bill Waddington 42pts
Barry Hall/Steve Park 42pts
Steve Symonds/Steve Banfield 41pts

Nearest the Pins on 4th Graham Price, 8th Terry Thatcher, 14th George Tyrrell and 15th Mike Woodward.

9th January 2017


Good Morning and Happy New Year,

A few points of information/action

1. Four times each year the Captains & vice from each of the sections meet with Jon Cowgill and Andy Grabham to update them on our thoughts/plans and also to hear from the Club on key issues/plans, the latest meeting was last Thursday 5th Jan.

Jon Cowgill confirmed the Club will be making a planning application in the next 14 days, covering 2 additional holes to the right of the 7th Tee, new pitch/ putt area to the left of the driveway as you enter the Club, together with plans to move the driving range. Jon will confirm when the application has been submitted and members will then be able to go on line to peruse!

Jon also presented a more detailed 10 - 15 year plan covering potential additional holes, subject to land availability, all of which would be exciting for members.

2. The use of DIVOT BAGS appears to have almost dried up. It is even more important in the winter to use these bags, please can I ask the Seniors to lead the way by using them?

3. Ladies Captain Pauline Young is looking for a volunteer with or without a golfing wife/partner to organise the Mixed section/events. If you can help then, please can you contact Pauline.

4. Coffee Bar - A new coffee bar is to be installed, replacing the carvery unit. The good news is that it will be open from 8.30 - 3pm, offering the usual hot drinks, sandwiches, snacks & soft drinks. This area will also be a ( clean ) soft spike area.

5. I received 2 complaints last Wednesday of Seniors ignoring the sign on 2nd, asking trolleys to stay on the pathway and also climbing over roped off areas. These restrictions are for ALL GOLFERS and are in place to help the course recover and stay in reasonable condition over the winter months. Please help Andy and his team by supporting these temporary restrictions.

Enjoy your golf,


4th January 2017


The first game of a New Year is always something to look forward to after a Christmas break. Over indulgence on the turkey and Xmas pudding making those new golf trousers just a tad too snug! Full of hope and expectation for the coming season - how do YOU deal with disappointment? A Bowmaker best 2 scores to count. The usual suspects in the winnings yet again. How do THEY cope with disappointment following the January handicap review? Answers on a postcard please!

1st Barry Hall, Rick Clark & Mike Astle 91 pts
2nd Steve Ball, Steve Banfield & wild card 90 pts
3rd Dave Forshaw, Bob Earney & Kevin Gould 89 pts
4th Mike Woodward, David Brown & Bill Waddington 83 pts
5th Steve Symonds, Mike Henton & wild card 83 pts

29th December 2017

Captains Blog No 11

Good Evening,

I hope that you have enjoyed a good Christmas with family and friends. As ever, a few points for your digestion!

1. Wednesday Competition - To remind you that we restart on Wednesday 4th January with a Bowmaker. The draw has been made and posted on the notice board, Alan will also place a copy on the web site tomorrow.

2. Christmas lunch - 21st December - This was an excellent event, with lots of compliments for the food and service. Well done again for all Trophy winners throughout the year, especially to Paul Cains for the Most Improved Golfer.

Well done also to Don Perry for winning the 3 clubs & putter comp, for the 3rd time, with an amazing score of 42pts .

3. Bath v Exeter - Sat 31st Dec - I have one spare ticket, front row of covered stand, Section G for the game. Face value is £64, I will accept £45 at this late stage ( match is sold out ). Let me know if you are interested?

4. Hip Update - recovery going well following Op on 5th Dec. Now walking with just one stick, so looking to step up my re hab from next Monday. Hoping to return to golf by the end of Feb!

I will at the Club on 4th Jan and look forward to seeing you all then,

Happy New Year,


23rd December 2016


It has long been tradition that the last competitive game of the year is 3 clubs and a putter followed by the Senior Section Christmas Meal and Presentation. This arrangement quite clearly suits Don Perry who after winning with 42 points recorded his 3rd victory in the last four years! Rumour has it that he has a number of redundant golf clubs for sale and is also looking for a suitable carrier bag for his 3 clubs and a putter!

One hundred and ten Senior members enjoyed a wonderful meal in the Montgomerie Suite and our thanks and appreciation go to the kitchen, waitresses and bar staff who looked after us so well. A thank you also to the directors who supplied complementary bottles of port to each table.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members of Farrington Park.

15th December 2016


A Winters Day Moon seemingly close enough to touch provided the early starters with their very own magical moment on a beautifully clear December morning. A 4BBB competition was the format for the day and some very good scores were recorded with only 2 points separating the top five teams. Some deemed it necessary to already sport their newly acquired Christmas jumpers (Santa won't be happy!) and hip flasks also making their annual fashion statement, everyone was in festive mood.

Terry Thatcher and Bob Earney 46 pts
Rob Thain and Phil Toogood 45pts
Leo Seddon and Kevin Gould 45 puts
Paul Cains and Laurie Barlow 45pts
Bob Baker and Steve Banfield 44pts
Tim Waller and Doug Nash 43pts

Nearest the Pins on 5th Kevin Seery, 8th Bob Baker, 14th Ham Ridene and 15th Steve Ball.

8th December 2016


With unprecedented temperatures for December hitting 16° Celsius (that's 62° Fahrenheit in old money), woolly jumpers and beanies were most definitely not on the Christmas menu. Texas Scramble can be an exciting format but one on which lifelong friendships are tested to the limit. Six drives each, you have a good score going and you are the 'special one' for the final drive on the 18th tee. There will be knocking knees and sweaty palms and that's just from your playing partners! A big sigh of relief as the ball goes sailing down the middle of the fairway - but what if not! Oh well there's always next year.

Phil Thompson, Pete Maule, Kevin Gould 60.13
John Ward, Steve Mitchell, Bill Waddington 63.25
Steve Symonds, David Brown, Nigel Savage 64.13
Ken Hutton, David Millington 64.50
Bob McK-Brown, Tony Waldron, Rob Porter 64.63

Nearest the Pins on 5th Chris Liberty, 8th Leo Seddon, 14th Kevin Seery, 15th Laurie Barlow.

2nd December 2016


A crispy, frosty landscape greeted the Farrington Park seniors. With below zero temperatures colder than the most hardy of brass monkeys Winter had truly arrived. A stern test of stamina and physical ability for the early starters as the wearing of so many layers is not conducive to the perfect swing as was evident from the relatively low scoring in this non qualifying Stableford.

Div 1
Ken Hutton 32pts
Mike Bradbury 32pts
Barry Hall 32pts
Leo Seddon 31pts
Chris Standen 31pts

Div 2
Bob Earney 32pts
Tony Quinn 31pts
Tony James 30pts
Phil Toogood 29pts
Bob Wright 29pts

Div 3
Richard Collier 36pts
Roger Stone 35pts
Boyd Francis 34pts
Steve Park 34pts
Bill Waddington 32pts

Nearest the Pins on 5th Hugo Pike, 8th Chris Standen, 14th Dave Forshaw, 15th Roger Stone.

Don't forget seniors Xmas Dinner 4pm on Wednesday 21st December. Jackets and ties

24th November 2016


Good Evening,

Just a few points of note:

1. Quiz Night - We are looking for 2 people to make up a team this Saturday 26th November, 7 for 7.30 start. Please call Phil Thompson if you can join us, for what our Quiz Master Steve Symonds describes as ' An evening of fun & frivolity '.

2. Xmas Lunch - 21st December

A reminder that the lunch will start promptly at 4pm, upstairs in the Montgomerie Suite. The dress code is Lounge Suits, with Ties, scruffy buggers will be asked to sit downstairs!

3. Wednesday Competitions

Ray received 9 phone calls early yesterday, with members calling to withdraw. There were several genuine reasons with family illness preventing members playing,however others called in my view as they didn't want to play following the recent heavy rain. These late withdrawals put real pressure on Ray and also the playing partners, especially with a Bowmaker. Please help Ray by turning up, on time to play and only withdraw in an absolute emergency.

4. Billy Foster Charity Dinner

I am delighted to confirm that Billy Foster, currently Lee Westwood's caddy will be the guest speaker on Friday 21st April 2017 at a Dinner to help raise much needed funds for Wizzybugs.

Billy is an excellent after dinner speaker who has caddied for Seve, Sergio Garcia, Darren Clarke, Thomas Bjorn and even Tiger Woods. He will be speaking for 45 mins, followed by a Q & A.

The cost is just £45, to include a 3 course Dinner, raffle and Auction. This event has been organised by Ken Hutton, Fred Grist, Rob Thain, Phil Thompson and myself, with a simple aim of allowing a severely disabled young person the use a Wizzybug, which can transform their lives.

The Montgomerie Suite can only hold 110 guests and therefore I am giving you advance notice and the opportunity to buy tickets, prior to them going on general sale on 7th December. This unique event will sell out very quickly, so please don't contemplate for too long, as you may be too late! Tickets can be purchased from either Rob Thain - 01761 233291 or Ken Hutton - 07801 438137. The dress code will be Lounge Suits ( for the men ), the Ladies will not need any advice I am sure.

There is also an opportunity to be a Sponsor of this event, which will include 2 tickets to sit on Billy's table, private drinks reception with Billy and an advertisement in the event program. The cost for this is just £500, so again if you are interested please do not delay!

5. Billy Connolly Tickets

I have 2 x £35 tickets for this coming Monday 28th November, 8pm at the Bournemouth International Centre for Billy's ( don't get confused with so many Billy's ) sold out show. This will be the very last tour by the ' Big Yin ', so one not to miss.

Due to my impending Hip Operation I will not be able to sit through the show, therefore I am offering these to any member of the Seniors section. If several of you are interested I will make a draw on Sat pm to advise the lucky person. All I would ask is that you make a small donation to my Captains Charity. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP?

6. Non playing Members

I called Bill Lane and Graham ' swampy ' Marsh today to check on their progress. Unfortunately Bill's recent Op has not gone as well as he had hoped and he may require further surgery. Swampy is still recovering from his fall but is targeting a return to golf in the spring. Graham Bradley & Jim Wring are also not yet back playing, as well as one or two other members. Please remember to give them a call, invite them up for a drink/ coffee, I know they would appreciate a call.

Enjoy your golf,


24th November 2016


With weather reminiscent of the Somerset levels flooding of 2013, Head Greenkeeper Andy Grabham and his loyal staff are to be congratulated on their massive efforts to make the course playable after such horrendous weather conditions. Well done guys. A number of holes were reduced in length in order to protect the fairways but this simply added to the intrigue in playing the course. A team Bowmaker with best two scores to count ensured everyone played their part.

1st Barry Hall, Adrian Miller & Mike Astle 88 points
2nd Bill Sims, Leo Seddon & Richard Collier 86 points
3rd Alan Skivington, Bob Earney & wildcard 86 points
4th Pearce O'Shea, Lawrence Barlow & Derek McCaig. 84 points
5th Tony Clement, Phil Toogood & wildcard. 84 points

Nearest the Pins on 5th David Metcalfe, 8th Alan Elkington, 14th Brian Weeks and 15th Pearce O'Shea

BREAKING NEWS! Farrington Park Senior Section are pleased to announce that two new fixtures against Cumberwell Park and The Kendleshire have been secured for next season.

16th November 2016


A cold grey morning greeted the Senior men of Farrington Park. With dark clouds and threatening rain double digit temperatures were but a distant memory.

Winners by a 4 point margin on 83 were Bob McKeegan-Brown, Nigel Savage and Len Salter. Runners up on 79 points were Tony Clement, David Brown and Steve Park. Third were Paul Cains, Richard Dancey and Geoff Skyrme on 78. Close behind were Steve Ball, Pete Maule and Roger Stone on 77 with the final prize monies going to Barry Hall, Rick Clark and Ray Parker on 76 points.

Nearest the Pins on 5th Mo (I had a two) Duery, 8th Steve Symonds, 14th Paul Cains and 15th Bob McKeegan-Brown.

10th November 2016


With news bulletins and daily newspapers giving blanket coverage to the US election result, Farrington Park seniors playing a Texas Scramble was hardly going to make front page news. Judging by the surprisingly high scoring it would appear that many of the players were up half the night glued to their TV screens!

A close tussle ensued with less than 2 shots covering the top three teams.
1st?? David Metcalfe, Richard Dancey. Steve Park ? 63.50
2nd?? Alan Elkington, Bev Woodland, Alan Skivington? 63.63
3rd?? Ham Ridene, David Millington, Tony Edwards? 64.13
4th?? Rob Thain, Paul Cains, Alan Honeybun?? 66.25
5th?? Leo Seddon, Bob Baker, Malcolm Brooks?? 66.25

Nearest the Pins on 5th George Tyrrell, 8th Richard Collier, 14th Geoff Russell, 15th Ian Clement

4th November 2016


?Good Morning,

Just a few matters for your consideration and digestion!

1. Match Results - 11th Oct ( A ) Wedmore - Lost 2 v 6 , 20th Oct ( H ) Woodspring - Won 6 v 1

We played a total of 28 matches over the season, winning 17, 2 halved and 9 lost. The split Home / Away was:

Home - 14 - 10 - 1 - 3

Away - 14 - 7 - 1 - 6

A total of 47 players were involved, with a number playing 12 matches. I very much appreciate the support I have received, which made my job a little easier!

Next year we will be playing for the first time Cumberwell and The Kendleshire home & away, moving to annual fixtures with Brean & Minchinhampton and dropping Wellow ( distance to travel ) and Woodspring ( poor quality course ).

2. Quiz Night - This is on Sat 26th November, 7.30 Farrington Village Hall. Teams of 4, just £10. If you are looking for players/ couple to make up a team, let me know and I will put people in touch. We are raising funds for my Captains Charity, Wizzybugs. A further incentive is that Steve Symonds will be the Quiz Master!

3. Xmas Lunch - 13 members still need to pay Ian by 23rd Nov, otherwise you will not be able to attend and a reserve will be allocated your place.

4. Seniors Website - This will be shut down on 18th Nov and we will then use the Club site to access details, with your usual log in.

5. Checking / Signing Cards - A reminder please that you have a responsibility to do this prior to handing in your card. Following the 4BBB on Wednesday, a pair with the potentially winning score were disqualified as the card had been completed incorrectly. Each hole score had been shown against player A, which is incorrect and we are not able to check the card.

6. Captains Health Update - I am now booked in for a Hip replacement on Monday 5th December and due to be in hospital until Friday 9th. I hope to be with you for our lunch on 21st December and whilst not able to play again until March, I will be up on a Wednesday to continue my duties until the AGM in February.

Enjoy your golf,

Best wishes,


2nd November 2016


The beginning of November saw the first frosty start of the season with undoubtedly more in the coming months. Thermals and winter hats retrieved from the backs of wardrobes were reintroduced to the harsh realities of the impending winter chills. By midday clear, blue skies were predominant and a disrobing of the winterwear until the next time. The top seven teams were separated by only one point - players rueing those pulled drives and missed putts.

Tony Clement/Phil Toogood 44pts
Alan Elkington/Adrian Miller 43pts
Brian Brown/David Lewis 43pts
Tony Quinn/Malcolm Brooks 43pts
Terry Thatcher/Neil Morgan 43pts
Mike Hedges/David Brown 43pts

Nearest the Pins on 5th Roger Stone, 8th Phil Thompson, 14th Chris Standen and 15th Alan Elkington.

26th October 2016


The mist had lifted, spirits were high and many of the seniors were looking forward to the final qualifier of the year off the white tees. Disappointment prevailed as the greenkeeping staff had not been informed and the tees had been taken in the previous day! Instead the competition was played off the green tees - with Welshman Fred Grist shooting the best score of the day amassing 42 points.

Div 1 Fred Grist 42 points, Terry Stacey 39 points, Steve Symonds 39 points
Div 2 Bob Baker 39 points, Philip Michael 38 points, Bob Wright 37 points
Div 3 Steve Park 40 points, Len Salter 40 points, Bill Waddington 39 points

Nearest the Pins on 5th Alan Elkington, 8th John Ward, 14th Rob Thain, 15th Fred Grist.

4th October 2016


Good Afternoon,

Just a few points for information & digestion!

1. Xmas Lunch - 21st Dec

This event is limited to a maximum of 110 places and there are just a few places left. If you are planning to attend quickly add your name to the list on the board and pay Ian £10.

2. Winter K O's - Sign up sheets are on the board.

3. Winter Rules ( Preferred lies ) - These start from Wednesday 5th October. To remind you, players may mark their ball on fairways and shortly mown areas ( fringe & aprons of greens ), clean and replace the ball within 6 inches of the marker, no nearer the hole.

4. Match Results:

6th Sept - Away to Brean - 3 v 3

13th Sept - Home to Mendip Spring - Lost 3 v 4

20th Sept - Home to Wheathill - Won 4.5 v 1.5

27th Sept - Away to The Bristol - Lost 5.5 v 1.5

5. October Matches - reserves required for the 11th October please, away to Isle of Wedmore.

6. Seniors Open - 7th September

Whilst overall visitor numbers were down this year, the day was once again well organised and enjoyable for the 116 players.

In the past income from this event has been used to support the Seniors section in a number of ways, including the Xmas lunch sponsorship of £14 pp. However, our finances are in a good position and it has therefore been decided to donate £800 of the £1,040 Hole Sponsorship towards our Wizzy Bug appeal.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this event so successful, especially those members who either sponsored a hole or twisted an arm to do so!
However, very special thanks to Malcolm Brooks who obtained £250 from 10 Sponsors and also Philip Michael who donated £100.

Finally, it was great to see Roger Cockhill back on the course last week following a lengthy illness. Also, Jim Wring is recovering slowly from his latest Op, he has also ' been through the mill ' recently and we hope to see him back in the next few months. Please let me know if you hear of a member that is not well.

Enjoy your golf,


27th September 2016


Played just a few days before the 'real deal' the Senior Section embarked on their inaugural playing of the Farrington Park Ryder Cup. Twelve Englishmen versus 12 players from Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The match was played in better weather conditions than been forecasted. Many of the Celts turned up in traditional national dress. Shirts and scarves that had not seen the light of day for many a year made a brief appearance.

With so much at stake and tensions high, the wringing of hands and nervous laughs were in abundance. The playing of 9 holes of Foursomes, then nine holes of Betterball on the Duchy Course concluded with the playing of 12 singles matches on the Manor. The first session saw The Celts in the lead by 4-2. The second session ended all square. The Celts were in the lead by 2 points going into the singles. Friendships were momentarily on hold. Then a calamitous collapse saw the English win the first 8 singles and the match was in the bag.The Celts won only 2 singles matches and the trophy kindly donated by senior captain David Elliott was duly presented with England winning by 14 points to 10.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all and massive thanks go to Tracy Grist, Liz Thomas and Sue Forshaw for their support, understanding and of course the wonderful cakes! A special thank you to Welshman Fred Grist who thought up the idea and who was clearly unconsolable at the end! Next year can't come quick enough and revenge will be sweet. Bring it on!

23rd September 2016


With British weather in complete disarray you could be forgiven for believing that it was the middle of June! Short sleeves and shorts were re-introduced to the course on a fine day to be golfing. A Texas Scramble (6 drives each) was the format and with the course heavily sanded for micro tining putting was a tad tricky - no gain without pain!


1st?? Steve Cook, Tony Edwards & Bill Waddington ?? 62.88
2nd?? Graham Price, Bob McKeegan-Brown & Mo Duery? 63.63
3rd?? Tim Waller,Garth Pusey & Gerald Shearn?? 64.00
4th?? Colin Robinson, Tony Thorp & Len Salter?? 64.25
5th?? Rob Chappell, Rick Clark & George Tyrrell?? 64.25

Nearest the Pins on 5th, George Tyrrell; 8th, Steve Ball; 14th, Colin Robinson; 15th, Steve Gay.

Friendly match result against Wheathill at home won 4.5/1.5. There are only 2 more matches left this season. Away to Isle of Wedmore on 11th October and the final match of the season at home to Woodspring on 20th October.

31st August 2016


Appropriately with 'Strictly' on our television screens quite soon the format was a Tennessee Waltz'. It was apparent that a number of teams had practiced their moves and scoring was particularly high. With rain forecasted (again) everyone was keen to get round the course as quickly as possible. Thankfully all players had completed their game before the light drizzle arrived. With the evenings drawing in and the year already two thirds the way through greenkeeping staff are busily preparing the winter tees - time is certainly flying!

1st with 95 points were Keith Shepherd, Tony James and Nigel Punchard

2nd with 90 points were Graham Price, David Brown and Len Salter

3rd with 88 points were Rob Thain, Bob McKeegan-Brown and Pete Maule

4th with 87 points were Tony Russell, Neil Morgan and Pierce O'Shea

5th with 86 points were Tony Quinn, Rick Clark and Steve Gay

Nearest the pins on 5th, Philip Michael; 8th, Brian Brown; 14th, Steve Ball; 15th, Steve Cook.

Friendly match result won at home to Knowle 4-3.

25th August 2016


1. Can you help please?

We have a match away to Brean away, Tuesday 6th September and I am currently 2 short?

Also, match at home to Mendip Spring, Tuesday 13th September and I am 4 short.

Players also required for 20th & 27th, please sign up in the usual way.

Please reply to this e mail if you are able to help and not currently on the availability sheet. I am away for these games and Phil will be Captain, so please support him & me!

2. Seniors Open - 7th Sept

Please contact Chris Liberty on if you want to play and have a partner, time running out!

3. Match Results:

16th Aug v Clevedon ( h ) - 4 v 4

23rd Aug v Wellow ( a ) - Lost 5 v 1

4. Signing your Card:

A reminder that you must sign your card before handing in. A pair were disqualified yesterday, who had finished in 4th place, as the card had not been signed. This is a fundamental rule of golf, one that is universally applied.

Enjoy your golf,


22nd August 2016


Quick update for you:

1. Our Seniors Open is on 7th September, please sign up in pairs urgently if you wish to play as Tee times are running out!

2. Divot/ Soil Bags - These are situated next to the first tee, please use one and help to keep our course in good condition.

3. Clive Stilwell made his debut on 10th August for Somerset Seniors winning both his matches, lots more to come no doubt.

4. Xmas Lunch - This has been moved to 21st December, so we really will be in the ' Christmas Spirit '. The Ray Dando trophy will also move to 21st and a Tennessee Waltz will be on 7th. Ian will place a sign up sheet on the notice board for the lunch in the next few days, sign up asap as we are limited to 110 places.

5. September availability sheet now on the board, please sign up. We have 4 matches in September and 2 in October and that's the lot for this year.

Until next time, enjoy your golf,


17th August 2016


The second playing of the seniors white tee competition proved to be a success with 18 seniors member electing to play in the medal competition. The third and final white tee competition of this season will take place on 26 October and will be played as a qualifying Stableford. All senior members are eligible to sign up for this competition.

White Tee Comp

Steve Symonds Gross 80/Net 67

Dave Forshaw 85/71

Steve Cope 92/71

Steve Ball 90/72

Green Tee Div I

George Tyrrell 83/66

Mike Woodward 85/69

Mike Bradbury 82/69

Bill Sims 85/69

Green Tee Div II

Paul Cains 82/61

Don Perry 83/64

Bob Baker 86/66

Shaun Carter 85/66

Green Tee Div III

Ian Clement 89/63

Ray Parker 89/64

Gerald Shearn 92/66

Kevin Gould 90/67

Friendly match results won away to Wheathill 4.5/1.5. Home to Clevedon drew 4-4

10th August 2016


At last we are experiencing some reasonable weather and the course is in good condition. As always, a few points for you to consider and hopefully action!


You may already be aware that Club golf is in decline, not just in the UK but across the world and the No 1 reason given is the time it takes to play. We can help by adopting 'Ready Golf ' in all games other than match play.

a) First player on the tee plays.

b) All golfers should go to their ball, if you reach your ball, course is clear and playing partners have not reached their ball, play.

c) When waiting to play, decide your shot, select your club and be ready to play.

d) LOST BALLS - players should help to look for a ball, only after they have played their own shot.

e) GREENS - leave trolleys at the exit for the green. Be ready to putt, survey shot whilst others are putting.

First player down, pick up the flag.

These are just a few examples of Ready Golf, please can I ask you to consider adopting these principles, the game will speed up and will probably be more enjoyable!

2. Match Results:

5th July v Tall Pines ( H ) - Won 5 v 1

12th July v Brean ( H ) - Won 6 v 0

25th July v Shirehampton (A) - Won 4 v 3

2nd Aug v Stockwood ( A ) - Lost 7 v 0

9th Aug v Wheathill ( A ) - Won 4.5 v 1.5

The September availability sheet is now on the notice board.

3. Rose Bowl:

We played Long Sutton in a quarter final match at Wedmore on 11th July, narrowly losing 3 v 2. Thank you to Phil Thompson for organising the games, selecting the players and Captaining the team, better luck next year.

4. SENIORS OPEN - 7th Sept.

A reminder that you need to enter this event as a pair, sign up on the notice board.

Also, we still require Hole Sponsors, only £25 please can you help?

5. Members Update:

I have spoken with Bill Lane this evening, who has just returned home following a knee Op. No doubt he would appreciate a call and perhaps a lift to the Club on a Wednesday.

Also spoken with Bernard Parfrey, who is looking to resume playing in the next few weeks.

Bob Earney is also recovering from Knee surgery.

We wish them all a speedy recovery. Please let me know if you are aware of other Senior members who may be ' under the weather' ?

Captains Health Update:

My exercise / diet plan has been somewhat derailed as unfortunately I have to undergo an OP for a new left hip around the end of October/ early November and can only play by using a buggy. As I am not able to exercise as much as I had planned, I have given myself a further 4 weeks to achieve my weight loss goal!

6. QUIZ NIGHT - 30th Sept

Our very own Steve Symonds will be the Quiz Master at the Club on the 30th Sept, teams can have up to 6 members, please support if you can.

Until next time, enjoy your golf,

Best wishes,


4th August 2016


So here we are well into August and brollies selling like hot cakes. Ah well maybe next year we will get a Summer. With Andy Murray a Scotsman enthusiastically waving the Union Jack flag at the Olympic Games opening ceremony, Carl Frampton an Irishman winning the WBA featherweight title fight in New York, Phil Thompson an Englishman winning Division One with 40 points it was left to Shaun Carter a patriotic Welshman playing off a handicap of 20 to win the Committee Cup with 42 points. Well done boyo!


Div I
Phil Thompson 40

Leo Seddon 38

Dave Brain 37

Barry Hall 37

Alan Elkington 37

Div II
Shaun Carter 42

Neil Morgan 38

Tony Clement 38

Philip Michael 38

Steve Ball 37

Phil Toogood 40

Nigel Punchard 35

Ian Clement 33

Stephen Banfield 33

Bill Waddington 33

Nearest the pins on 5th, Alan Elkington, 8th, Steve Cope, 14th, Philip Michael and 15th, Steve Cook.

14th July 2016


'Have Fun' was the buzzword that Seniors Captain Dave Elliott insisted for his Captains Day at Farrington Park. It most certainly was! The weather did its utmost to disrupt proceedings but we are a resilient bunch and several downpours did little to dampen the spirit. A variety of tees were used on the day and there were prizes galore for individual, team and nearest the pins in one, two or three shots. In the putting competition a plastic 14 inch putter was the only weapon available and remarkably two members scored 2s on all three holes.

Burgers and chips washed down with cold beer were selling well and bottle shaped prizes are always welcome! Huge thanks go to Ray Vickers and Roger Stone for checking completed scorecards and to Keith Shepherd and Roger Cockhill for their unbounded enthusiasm in the putting green competition. Finally to Dave Elliott for organising such a fun time for his Captains Day.

The winning team were Nigel Savage, Phil Bryant and Richard Dancey..

2nd July 2016


Good Afternoon Farrington Seniors,

A few points for you to note, consider and hopefully action!!

1. Captains Day - Wed 13th July

This will be a 3 ball format, best 2 from 3 to count - all scores to be recorded. A variety of Tee positions will be used, details issued on the day!

There will be 5 Team prizes and also 5 Individual prizes, as well as additional prizes for nearest pin in either 1, 2 or 3!

Finally, using the Putting green, there will be a 3 hole putting competition.

Good news also is that Burger & fries will be available for only £3 ( three pounds ) so please take advantage. Bitter, cider & lager, together with glass of red or white will all be £2.50.

If you have not as yet put your name down, please do and enjoy a great day of golf and frivolity!

2. Match Results: 16th June away to Tall Pines - won 5 v 1, 21st June home to Shirehampton - won 6 v 1, 27th June - away to Minchinhampton - won 3.5 v 2.5.

Of 14 matches played so far we have won 5/7 at home and very impressively won 5/7 away!

3. Seniors Open - 7th Sept:

Thank you to Philip Michael, Graham Marsh, Tony Quinn & Hugo Pike who have either offered to sponsor a hole or found someone who will, we need another 25 please, so can you help?

4. Wizzybug Fundraising - On a personal note 9lbs out of target of 20 have gone, hopefully for ever, 11 to go!

To help with fundraising,we are considering holding a ' Sportsman's Dinner' later this year, details to follow.

5. July / August Matches - Reserves required for 12th & 25th July.

August availability sheet will be on the board next week.

6. Rose Bowl - Next match is on Monday 11th July at Wedmore v Long Sutton.

Finally, if anyone is not fit to play on 13th Captains Day I need a couple of volunteers to help, please call me if you can assist?

Until next time, enjoy your golf,


7th June 2016


Farrington Park Seniors continued their recent good form to progress to the 3rd round of the Somerset Seniors Rosebowl competition. Their local rivals The Mendip were completely overwhelmed by a buoyant and gritty Farrington team who never lost a game.

The first pairing of Alan Elkington and Keith Shepperd won 2 up in a close match. The new pairing of Dave Metcalfe and Rob Thain proved highly successful closing out their game on the 14th green winning 5 & 4. A first outing in the competition for Alan Skivington partnering Rosebowl Captain Phil Thompson worked well winning their match 4 & 3. Leo Seddon and 5 handicapper Clive Stilwell were giving 5 shots but were still too strong for their opponents winning their match 1 up. With the match already won the final pairing of John Ward and Brian Brown giving 3 shots to the opposition halved their match to seal a fine performance by the Farrington squad.

4th June 2016


The wind was howling, the rain was falling and the sky was dull and overcast. Welcome to June in the United Kingdom. Maybe the referendum will change everything! None of this of course affected the winner of the Diamond Jubilee Cup. Following the sad closure of Frome Golf Club last year, a number of their members joined Farrington Park Senior Section. One of them Ham Ridene with an impressive net 68 is now the proud holder of this prestigious trophy. It was first played for in 2012 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne. It is now an annual fixture in the seniors calendar.

Div I Steve Symonds 70, Paul Thomas 71, Rob Thain 72
Div II Ham Ridene 68, Rick Clarke 70, Steve Ball 72
Div III Richard Collier 69, Peter Maule 72, Alan Bishop 72

Farrington Park Seniors had a fine win away from home to Orchardleigh winning by 3 and a half games to two and a half.

Minchinhampton were then guests at Farrington Park and were treated to a sound thrashing only halving one game from the six played.

Making the arduous trip to Wells, Farrington were quickly stopped dead in their tracks with a heavy defeat losing four of the 7 matches and only halving the remaining three. Watch this space for the return fixture!

18th May 2016


The heavens were fully open but Noah was nowhere in sight! Due to the atrocious weather conditions it was decided to make the Seniors competition a non qualifying Stableford. With some dealing with the rain better than others it was Richard Collier who produced the round of the day with a score of 42 points.

Richard Collier 42 pts
Ray Guthrie 38 pts
Alan Bishop 38 pts
Ray Wilkinson 37 pts
Phil Thompson 37 pts

Nearest the pins on 5th Dave Elliott, 8th Dave Millington, 14th Steve Ball, 15th Tim Waller.

In a rain soaked match Farrington Seniors defeated Mendip Spring 4 -3. However revenge was sweet for Long Sutton. After losing to Farrington at home two weeks previously they inflicted a rare home defeat by winning 5-2. Farrington Seniors have only lost 5 home games in the last 3 years. There will be an inquest.

11th May 2016


Incessant rain for the previous 24 hours was hardly conducive to low scoring in the Farrington Seniors Manor Course Championship. However, with typical British stoicism they battled on in driving wind and rain, relentless in their search of the Holy Grail.

Retired postman David Metcalfe secured the trophy for the best gross round with a fine score of 64 on countback from Jeff Bruton. Winning the net competition was Kevin Gould on countback to Richard Collier both scoring a net 46.

Back in the bar a certain Chris Liberty was celebrating a special birthday with a warming tot for those who had braved the elements.

5th May 2016


Following the wettest Winter on record, Summer has finally arrived. After what has seemed an eternity a suspected outbreak of sun has been confirmed in the West Country! In the May medal winning Div 1 by a country mile was Seniors vice captain Phil Thompson. Setting the course alight with a blistering round of net 64 which included 14 pars and two birdies and earning a two shot cut to his handicap. His garish golf attire allegedly contributing to blinding his playing partners! Winning Div 2 was the improving Steve Ball whose now regular Wednesday appearances produced a net 72. Div 3 winner Mike 'Hooky' Henton ventured out in shorts and was rewarded with a fine round of net 73.

Div 1 Phil Thompson 64, Barry Hall 73, Alan Skivington 75, Bill Sims 76, Mike Bradbury 76
Div 2 Steve Ball 72, Bob Earney 73, Don Perry 75, Dave Elliott 76, David Brown 77
Div 3 Mike Henton 73, Nigel Punchard 73, Steve Gay 74, Tony Edwards 75, Mike Astle 78.

Nearest the pins on 5th Bob Earney; 8th Steve Gay; 14th Terry Thatcher; 15th Leo Seddon.

Farrington Park Seniors had a fine away victory at Long Sutton winning 3.5 to 2.5 in the Somerset friendly fixture league.

27th April 2016


Eric and Ernie famously sang Bring Me Sunshine, not a request more of a plea! Global warming tried its utmost to confuse us all and we seniors are easily confused! All four seasons were visited in a four hour period but thankfully it was only the thunder that failed to make an appearance. Results from a Tennessee Waltz competition involving 72 players:

1st Hedges, Liberty, Gay 84pts
2nd Russell, Wilkinson, Punchard 83pts
3rd Thomas, Nott, Skyrme 82pts
4th TyreII, Ridene, Nash 81pts
5th Hall, Ball, Lewis 80pts

Nearest the pins on 5th, David Metcalfe; 8th, Nigel Punchard; 14th, Rob Thain; 15th, Doug Nash.

Farrington Park seniors playing at home beat West Wilts 5-1.

23rd April 2016


On yet another wonderful Wednesday clear blue skies welcomed Farrington Park Seniors. All three divisions were keenly contested in the first qualifying Stableford competition of the season. A clear winner of Div III was the improving Len Salter with 39 points. Div I was a much tighter affair with Dave Brain winning on countback with 35 points. In Div II winning by 'a whisker' was Ray Wilkinson with 40 points with Tony Thorp in good form in 2nd place one point adrift.

Div I Dave Brain 35pts, Bob Chappell 35pts, Paul Thomas 34pts, Leo Seddon 34pts, Bill Sims 33pts
Div II Ray Wilkinson 40pts, Tony Thorp 39pts, Alan Skivington 38pts, Bob McKeegan-Brown 35pts, Graham Marsh 33pts
Div III Len Salter 39pts, Bill Waddington 36pts, Gerald Shearn 35pts, Bill Lane 34pts, Nigel Savage 34pts

In the first round of the Seniors Somerset Rosebowl Farrington Park won the first 3 matches to defeat a strong Tall Pines team at Saltford. Our thanks go to the greenkeeping staff for presenting the course in excellent condition. Farrington Park will now play local rivals The Mendip in the 2nd round in what is sure to be a hotly contested match.

14th April 2016


With Jordan Speith's chances sinking faster than the Titanic it was left to England's Danny Willett to pull off a fantastic win at Augusta to claim the coveted Green Jacket on only his 2nd Masters appearance. There was almost as much excitement with the Farrington Seniors! A 4 ball better ball competition brought out the best as five teams had identical scores and placing were decided on countback.

1st B Weeks & N Savage 45pts
2nd M Hedges & P Michael 43pts
3rd P Thompson & E Nott 43pts
4th K Bizley & R Collier 43pts
5th M Ashwin & I Clement 43pts
6th J Bruton & W Lane 43pts

Nearest the Pins on 5th, Kirk Bizley; 8th, Bob Baker; 14th, Nigel Savage; 15th, Barry Hall.

Friendly Home Match result Farrington Park beat Isle of Wedmore 5.5/1.5

7th April 2016


With the weather reminiscent of a cold, wet and windy January morning it was hard to believe that Spring had already sprung and Summer was lurking round the corner, Hollow tining and sanding of the greens was not conducive to a qualifying competition so thankfully it was deemed a 'non qualifier' ensuring no handicap increases or cuts. Division II player Bev Woodland shot the round of the day with an excellent nett 69.

Div I Barry Hall 75, Alan Elkington 75, Brian Brown 77, John Ward 81, Mike Ashwin 81
Div II Bev Woodland 69, Terry Thatcher 76, Bob Earney 77, Bob Baker 80, Philip Michael 80
Div III Steve Banfield 70, Richard Collier 72, Tony Edwards 73, Steve Gay 79, Nigel Savage 80.

Friendly home match result Farrington Park Seniors beat Stockwood Vale 5.5/1.5. Next match is at home to West Wilts on 26 April. Don't be late,

3rd April 2016


In a dramatic last over a valiant England team lost the World Cup final to the West Indies. On the brighter side the fact that Farrington Park was open following incessant downpours was testament to the achievements of Head Greenkeeper Andy Grabham and his dedicated staff - well done. A Texas Scramble played over 13 holes was a novelty dependant on your sense of humour! Unbelievably a countback was necessary to separate the top two teams who finished with identical scores.

1st Clive Stilwell, Kirk Bizley, Rob Porter 41.13
2nd Barry Hall, Tony James, Phil Thompson 41.13
3rd Leo Seddon, Ray Wilkinson, Richard Collier 41.75
4th Mo Duery, Phil Bryant, Nigel Savage 42.18
5th Tony Clement, David Elliott, Steve Banfield 43.25

Nearest the Pins on 8th Graham 'Swampy' Marsh, 14th Tony Clement, 15th Tony Clement.

Our first friendly fixture of the season away to Clevedon ended in defeat with the only highlight for Farrington of a first ever hole in one for Bill Sims on the Par 3 third hole.

23rd March 2016


With Daylight Saving here it is a joy to play golf in the springtime - even if it is an hour less in bed! With many of the seniors away on their annual pilgrimage to Spain a much smaller field than usual took to the fairways of Farrington Park. A non qualifying Stableford was the order of the day and some excellent scores achieved in all 3 divisions.

Div I Keith Shepherd 42pts, Steve Symonds 39pts, Barry Hall 37pts, Mike Ashwin 36pts, Chris Standen 34pts
Div II Peter Barnes 40pts, Steve Ball 39pts, Phil Bryant 38pts, Ray Guthrie 37pts, Terry Thatcher 36pts
Div III Steve Gay 43pts, Richard Collier 41pts, Peter Maule 40pts, Kevin Gould 40pts, Derek McCaig 37pts.

Nearest the Pins on 5th Nigel Punchard, 8th George Tyrell, 14th Steve Symonds and 15th Phil Bryant.

Our friendly matches start very soon and our first game is at home to Wells - always a sellout! Don't forget all home games now start at 11 am and so don't be late.

2nd March 2016


Harold Wilson once famously said 'a week in politics is a long time'. In golf it seems even longer. A week earlier our headline was 'Sunshine at the Park'. Not the case some 7 days later. With hurricane force winds and driving rain cold enough to freeze the proverbial brass monkey the game was left to those willing enough to venture out and hopefully return intact. Some 40 plus senior members succeeded and were rewarded with much admiration and a smattering of ridicule. PS The Eurythmics 1984 - Here Comes The Rain Again.

Results over 13 holes:
1st Rob Thain 27pts, 2nd Brian Brown 26pts, 3rd Steve Symonds 25pts,4th Roger Stone 24pts, 5th Richard Collier 24pts, 6th George Tyrrell 23pts, 7th Bob Baker 23pts, 8th Richard Dancey 21pts and 9th Steve Mitchell 20pts.

24th February 2016


There is something quite picturesque about frosty fairways and clear blue skies. With the sun making a long awaited guest appearance you could be forgiven for thinking that the time lords had skipped forward 4 months or so. The greens were a bit solid but hey it was good to be out there on the course minus waterproofs and brollies! With two out of three players to score over 13 holes a par score of 52 points was the benchmark.

1st Rob Thain, Mike Woodward & Hugo Pike 61 pts, 2nd Dave Metcalfe, Bob Earney & Steve Banfield 60pts, 3rd Phil Thompson, Adrian Miller & Richard Curtis 60pts, 4th Tony Clement, Ian Clement & Graham Robinson 59pts, 5th Brian Brown, Bob McKeegan-Brown & Mike Henton 59pts

Nearest the pins on 8th Mike Woodward, 14th Chris Standen, 15th Ian Clement.

17th February 2016


Farrington Park Seniors have appointed David Elliott as their new Captain for the forthcoming 12 months. At their recent AGM outgoing Captain Mike Henton reported that only one match had been lost to rain last season and wished David the best of luck with the weather. The Seniors remained unbeaten at home during last season and won the Age Concern Regional Final against Minehead. He went on to express his thanks to the committee for their support during his period of captaincy.

The incoming Captain thanked Mike for his successful year and was committed to working hard with his new committee with the support of his Vice Captain Phil Thompson. With a new Captain comes new ideas and it is proposed more social events will be organised that involve members' wives and partners.

The first two friendly matches of the season are due to be played at the end of March and teams will be selected with at least 10 days notice. Team members are reminded that home matches will start at the earlier time of 11 am.

12th February 2016


A beautiful day greeted Farrington Park Seniors. A clear blue sky accompanied by a rather strange glowing ball of fire. What no rain! One senior golfer was so overcome he thought the clocks had changed and subsequently missed his tee time! Only 13 holes open but probably enough - we need to eased in gently.

Results of 4 Ball Better Ball competition.
1st Rob Thain & Richard Collier 34pts, 2nd Mike Daniel & Steve Banfield 32pts, 3rd Rick Clark & Mike Astle 32pts, 4th Steve Cope & Pete Maule 31pts, 5th Alan Skivington & Kevin Gould 31pts, 6th Jeff Bruton & Peter Barnes 30 pts.

Nearest the Pins on 14th Steve Gay and on 15th Phil Bryant.

2nd February 2016


Those who decided not to drink experienced a very dry January whilst the rest of us can only hope that February will be a less wet affair! With dawn barely breaking the early starters were treated to icy winds but thankfully 18 holes of golf. With the windy conditions quickly drying out the course we have fingers crossed that we have seen the worst of this winter.

Results of the non qualifying Stableford competition as follows:
Div I David Metcalfe 37pts, Steve Cook 35pts, Ken Hutton 32pts, Steve Symonds 32pts, Barry Hall 31pts
Div II Richard Clarke 38pts, Rick Clark 37pts, Dave Taylor 36pts, Ham Redene 35pts, Alan Skivington 33pts
Div III Ray Parker 40pts, Geoff Skyrme 36pts, Steve Mitchell 35pts, Len Salter 35pts, Richard Collier 34pts

Nearest the Pins on 5th was Geoff Skyrme, 8th Chris Standen, 14th Steve Mitchell and 15th Graham Robinson.

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