Wednesday 8th August 2018

Bowmaker - Green Tees

1stR Clark/S Brixey/S Park92£13.75 each
2ndS Gay/K Seery/A Smart91£12.00 each
3rdB Baker/R Dancey/I Clement90£10.25 each
4thD Harvey/K Gould/M Astle89£8.50 each
5thS Cook/R Collier/G Clare87£6.50 each

Wednesday 1st August 2018

Committee Cup - Stableford - Yellow Tees

Division 1
1stR Thain - Winner of Committee Cup42£14.25
2ndM Bradbury39£11.75
3rdD Millington36£10.00
4thC Standen36£8.00
5thL Seddon36£6.50
Division 2
1stD Brown41£14.25
2ndE Nott37£11.75
3rdT Quinn35£10.00
4thJ Farmer34£8.00
5thPhil Bryant33£6.50
Division 3
1stT Edwards37£14.25
2ndS Park37£11.75
3rdV Clarke37£10.00
4thA Smith36£8.00
5thI Clement33£6.50

Wednesday 11th July 2018

4BBB - Green Tees

1stAlan Skivington/Jim Farmer50£14 each
2ndGraham Bradley/Steve Mitchell48£12 each
3rdRick Clark/Dave Elliott47£11 each
4thDave Millington/Mel Field47£10 each
5thBob McKeegan-Brown/Steve Park46£9 each
6thRob Chappell/Mike Astle46£8 each

Wednesday 27th June 2018

Stableford - Green Tees

Division 1
1stMike Bradbury44
2ndBob McKeegan-Brown42
3rdFred Grist42
4thDon Perry41
5thDave Harvey41
Division 2
1stSteve Cope46
2ndNigel Punchard45
3rdDavid Brown41
4thKevin Gould41
5thEric Nott40
Division 3
1stGeoff Potts41
2ndMo Duery39
3rdSteve Mitchell38
4thMalcolm Brooks36
5thRob Porter36

Wednesday 20th June 2018

Eddie Jackman Trophy - Stableford - Green Tees

Division 1
1stColin Glibbery42£14.50
2ndLen Salter41£12.00
3rdAlan Taylor40£10.00
4thDave Metcalfe37£8.50
5thRick Clark37£7.00
Division 2
1stJim Farmer43£14.50
2ndDave Millington41£12.00
3rdRay Guthrie39£10.00
4thSteve Cope37£8.50
5thNigel Punchard37£7.00
Division 3
1stRoger Stone - Winner of Eddie Jackman Trophy43£14.50
2ndGeoff Potts39£12.00
3rdJeff Kelly38£10.00
4thTony Russell36£8.50
5thIan Clement36£7.00

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Medal - Yellow Tees

Division 1
1stR Thain69£11.25
2ndB Brown71£9.75
3rdF Grist71£7.50
4thB Baker71£6.00
5thA Elkington73£4.00
Division 2
1stS Cope74£11.25
2ndR Guthrie76£9.75
3rdT Thatcher77£7.50
4thA Clement77£6.00
5thR Collier78£4.00
Division 3
1stJ Kelly70£11.25
2ndM Field71£9.75
3rdB Francis72£7.50
4thD Lewis73£6.00
5thJ Holland79£4.00

Wednesday 6th June 2018

Texas Scramble - Yellow Tees

1stM Bradbury/M Field/G Potts50.60£12.25 each
2ndS Symonds/F McGregor/D Nash51.20£10.75 each
3rdM Hedges/T Thatcher/J Kelly54.70£8.75 each
4thD Metcalfe/M Duery/P O'Shea55.20£7.00 each
5thB Hall/K Seery/R Porter55.70£5.00 each

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Club Championship - Manor Course

Club ChampionPhil Thompson61
Net Prizes
1stRay Guthrie42£13.80
2ndDave Lewis44£12.80
3rdSteve Banfield46£11.80
4thNigel Punchard46£10.80
5thAlan Smith47£9.80
6thRichard Collier47£8.80
7thPhil Toogood48£7.80
8thSteve Ball49£6.80
9thKirk Bizley50£5.80
10thDave Elliott50£4.80
11thJeff Bruton51£3.80
12thFraser McGregor51£2.80

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Wally Sage Trophy - Green Tees

1stR Thain/B Waddington/S Park94£12.00 each
2ndA Elkington/R Guthrie/D Lewis92£10.50 each
3rdM Bradbury/P Bryant/N Punchard83£8.50 each
4thB Baker/T Quinn/J Kelly83£6.75 each
5thJ Bruton/D Brown/B Francis82£4.75 each

Wednesday 16th May 2018

Diamond Jubilee Cup - Medal - Green Tees

Division 1
1stD Perry - Winner of Diamond Jubilee Cup64£12.00
2ndP Thompson65£9.50
3rdB Baker67£7.75
4thA Taylor68£5.75
5thC Glibbery69£4.75
Division 2
1stT Clement69£12.00
2ndS Gay70£9.50
3rdT Thorp72£7.75
4thR Wilkinson75£5.75
5thD Elliott75£4.75
Division 3
1stJ Kelly72£12.00
2ndB Francis74£9.50
3rdR Porter77£7.75
4thI Clement77£5.75
5thG Skyrme77£4.75

Wed 9/5/18


Div 1 John Butler68£12.50
Alan Taylor 68 c/b£10.00
J Bruton 69£8.25
B Hall69c/b£6.00
M Bradbury 69c/b£5.00
Div 2 P Maule70£12.50
J Farmer 71£10.00
R Guthrie 73£8.25
K Gould73 c/b£6.00
S Cope73 c/b£5.00
Div 3 A Smith70£12.50
A Smart70 c/b£10.00
J Holland75£8.25
R Porter 75 c/b£6.00
J Kelly 75 c/b£5.00

1/2/3 Tennessee waltz

Wed 25/4/18

Winners B Baker/R Wilkinson/ wild card£9.5075 points
Runners up F Grist/T Waller/D Nash£8.0074 points
3rd SBall/G Price/M Field£6.0073 points
4th C Standen /N Punchard/S Banfield£4.5073 points c/b
5th R Chappell/L Salter/S Mitchell £2.5071 points

Wednesday 18th April 2018


Division 1
1stN Morgan41£12.75
2ndH Jones38£10.25
3rdM Bradbury37£8.50
4thJ Bruton36£6.50
5thA Fussell35£5.25
Division 2
1stT Thatcher38£12.75
2ndK Gould37£10.25
3rdR Guthrie37£8.50
4thJ Farmer35£6.50
5thP Toogood35£5.25
Division 3
1stA Smith34£12.75
2ndR Stone34£10.25
3rdA Smart33£8.50
4thM Rawlings32£6.50
5thD Lewis31£5.25

Wednesday 4th April 2018


Division 1
1stA Elkington27£9.50
2ndJ Bruton26£7.00
3rdR Thain26£5.00
Division 2
1stB Waddington28£9.50
2ndJ Farmer22£7.00
3rdA Clement21£5.00
Division 3
1stR Collier28£9.50
2ndS Banfield24£7.00
3rdI Clement22£5.00

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Stableford - Non Qualifier

Division 1
1stB Hall24£10.00
2ndC Standen24£7.50
3rdA Elkington23£5.25
4thA Skivington23£3.25
5thP Cains23£2.50
Division 2
1stP Toogood26£10.00
2ndT Thatcher25£7.50
3rdA Clement23£5.25
4thJ Farmer22£3.25
5thE Nott20£2.50
Division 3
1stA Smith29£10.00
2ndR Collier26£7.50
3rdA Smart26£5.25
4thJ Holland22£3.25
5thJ Kelly22£2.50

Wednesday 14th March 2018


1stB Brown/A Smart41£13.75 each
2ndR Clark/G Skyrme41£11.75 each
3rdF Grist/R Stone40£10.75 each
4thA Taylor/N Savage40£9.75 each
5thD Metcalfe/C Glibbery39£8.50 each
6thP O'Shea/D Nash38£7.50 each

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Tennessee Waltz

1stS Symonds/G Price/A Bishop61£10.50 each
2ndF Grist/J Farmer/A Smith61£9.00 each
3rdB Sims/G Shearn/R Collier60£6.75 each
4thP Cains/P O'Shea/E Cheasley55£5.50 each
5thA Taylor/R Guthrie/R Stone55£3.50 each

Wednesday 28th February 2018

Stableford - Non Qualifier

Division 1
1stA Taylor37£9.75
2ndD Millington36£7.00
3rdS Ball31£5.00
4thA Elkington31£3.00
5thJ Butler29£2.00
Division 2
1stB Earney34£9.75
2ndR Guthrie33£7.00
3rdJ Farmer32£5.00
4thK Gould32£3.00
5thD Brown31£2.00
Division 3
1stS Banfield40£9.75
2ndJ Holland36£7.00
3rdD Lewis36£5.00
4thR Collier35£3.00
5thR Stone31£2.00

Wednesday 21st February 2018


1stH Ridene/K Gould/D Nash89£13.00 each
2ndF Grist/R Wilkinson/R Cockhill86£11.25 each
3rdC Standen/P Barnes/A Smith85£9.25 each
4thD Brain/D Brown/I Clement 84£7.75 each
5thA Taylor/D Elliott/B Earney84£5.75 each

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Texas Scramble

1stB Brown/I Clement/S Park35.40£8.50 each
2ndP Cains/K Gould/R Collier35.60£6.00 each
3rdA Fussell/M Duery/M Field35.80£4.25 each
4thP Thompson/J Farmer/J Kelly36.80£3.00 each
5thB Hall/D Brown/J Holland37.60£2.00 each

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Tennessee Waltz

1stS Ball/K Gould/R Porter64£11.25 each
2ndB Hall/G Price/R Collier56£9.75 each
3rdC Robinson/C Liberty/A Smart55£7.50 each
4thS Cook/M Henton/D Lewis55£6.00 each
5thB Baker/D Brown/J Kelly55£4.00 each

Wednesday 10th January 2018


1stK Gould/D Millington47£13.50 each
2ndP Maule/S Brixey47£11.70 each
3rdR Thain/P Barnes44£10.70 each
4thP Thompson/A Smart42£9.70 each
5thB Waddington/J Kelly42£8.50 each
6thL Seddon/S Park42£7.50 each

Wednesday 20th December 2017

Ray Dando Trophy - 3 Clubs and Putter

Division 1
1stA Elkington38£13.50
2ndR Thain36£11.00
3rdP Cains35£9.50
4thL Salter34£7.25
5thJ Ward33£6.00
Division 2
1stN Morgan - Winner of Ray Dando Trophy39£13.50
2ndB Earney38£11.00
3rdA Bray37£9.50
4thRic Clark37£7.25
5thP O'Shea37£6.00
Division 3
1stG Skyrme37£13.50
2ndA Smart35£11.00
3rdR Collier34£9.50
4thM Henton33£7.25
5thN Punchard33£6.00

Wednesday 6th December 2017

Texas Scamble

1stA Elkington/R Wilkinson/G Robinson47.1£12.25 each
2ndF Grist/C Liberty/R Leworthy48.8£10.75 each
3rdB Hall/D Brown/R Porter50.7£8.75 each
4thB Brown/D Millington/S Park51.9£7.25 each
5thP Thompson/P Toogood/M Woodward52.2£5.25 each

Wed 29th n/q stableford

Div 1. 1st. Winning £12.00A Elkington 39
2nd. £9.50B Baker 37
3rd. £7.75F Grist35
4th. £5.75Phil Thompson 35 c/b
5th. £4.75S Ball 34
Div 2. 1st. Winning £12.00P Barnes37
2nd. £9.50R Clark35
3rd. £7.75N Morgan34
4th. £5.75D Millington 33
5th. £4.75D Brown31 c/b
Div 3. 1st. Winning £12.00G Skyme33
2nd. £9.50J Holland33 c/b
3rd. £7.75N Savage32 c/b
4th. £5.75A Smart 32 c/b
5th. £4.75S Park31c/b

Wednesday 22nd November 2017


1stC Robinson/R Parker/R Porter78£11.50 each
2ndS Symonds/D Elliott/G Robinson75£10.00 each
3rdB Hall/K Gould/E Cheasley74£7.75 each
4thA Elkington/D Brown/S Ball74£6.25 each
5thF Grist/R Guthrie/R Leworthy72£4.25 each

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Tennessee Waltz

1stF Grist/B Waddington/B Weeks82£11.75 each
2ndM Bradbury/E Nott/A Smart80£10.25 each
3rdP Thompson/Rick Clark/E Cheasley79£8.25 each
4thM Hedges/A Clement/R Porter77£6.75 each
5thA Skivington/K Gould/S Mitchell76£4.75 each

Wednesday 8th November 2017

Texas Scramble

1stP Thompson/G Price/S Park55.80£11.75 each
2ndC Robinson/B Waddington/S Mitchell57.00£10.25 each
3rdB Hall/Rick Clark/F McGregor57.00£8.00 each
4thS Symonds/R Guthrie/J Holland58.30£6.50 each
5thM Ashwin/C Glibbery/M Brooks58.50£4.50 each

Wed 1st Nov 4 Ball betterball

WinnersT Waller£13.5048 points
P Toogood
2ndP Thompson£11.5048 c/b
R Guthrie
3rdS Symonds £10.5045
M Astle
4thP Michael £9.5044
R Wilkinson
5thK Gould£8.5043
N Punchard
6thT Thorp £7.5043 c/b
I Clement

Stableford result for 25 October

Div 1 winnerS Symonds 35 points £11.28
2 ndD Metcalfe 33£10.28
3 rdB Hall31£9.28
4 thM Bradbury 31£8.27
5 thPhil Thompson 31£7.28
Div 2 winnerL Salter38£11.28
2 ndE Nott30£10.28
3 rdD Brown30£9.28
4 thB Earney29£8.27
5 thR Guthrie 28£7.28
Div 3 winnerS Banfield 31£11.28
2 ndN Savage 31£10.28
3 rdS Mitchell 31£9.28
4 thD Lewis31£8.27
5 thA Smith29£7.28

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Bowmaker - Green Tees

1stR Thain/P Michael/D Lewis88£11.76 each
2ndP Thompson/A Clement/C Glibbery88£10.76 each
3rdR Chappell/D Brown/G Shearn81£9.76 each
4thT Thorp/S Gay/R Stone80£8.76 each
5thG Tyrrell/A Skivington/A Smart80£7.76 each

Wednesday 11th October 2017

Medal - Green Tees

Division 1
1stB McKeegan-Brown67£11.12
2ndR Baker69£10.12
3rdT Stacey71£9.12
4thA Taylor71£8.12
5thS Ball72£7.12
Division 2
1stD Millington67£11.12
2ndK Gould71£10.12
3rdP Barnes72£9.12
4thS Brixey72£8.12
5thJ Farmer73£7.12
Division 3
1stC Glibbery73£11.12
2ndR Stone73£10.12
3rdG Skyrme73£9.12
4thS Banfield74£8.12
5thA Smart75£7.12

Wednesday 4th October 2017

4 BBB - Green Tees

1stD Metcalfe/C Glibbery48£13.70 each
2ndL Salter/A Taylor48£12.70 each
3rdM Bradbury/M Astle46£11.70 each
4thP Thompson/K Gould46£10.70 each
5thL Seddon/S Banfield45£9.70 each
6thR Chappell/D Brown44£8.70 each

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Stableford - Green Tees

Division 1
1stTerry Stacey41£11.60
2ndSteve Ball39£10.60
3rdRob Chappell37£9.60
4thPhil Thompson37£8.60
5thSteve Symonds35£7.60
Division 2
1stAlan Taylor39£11.60
2ndRay Guthrie38£10.60
3rdBill Waddington37£9.60
4thBev Woodland37£8.60
5thDave Brown36£7.60
Division 3
1stColin Glibbery42£11.60
2ndDavid Taylor35£10.60
3rdGeoff Skyrme32£9.60
4thBill Lane32£8.60
5thAndy Smart32£7.60

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Bowmaker - Green Tees

1stP Thompson/R Dancey/A Smart90£11.76 each
2ndA Smith/S Gay/A Bishop89£10.76 each
3rdB Sims/Rick Clark/R Collier88£9.76 each
4thR Thain/D Perry/M Henton85£8.76 each
5thS Symonds/D Brown/G Skyrme84£7.76 each

Medal 13/9/17

Yellow tee

NameScorePrize money
Div 1
G Tyrrell74£10.48
M Hedges 76£9.48
P Cains 78£8.48
M Bradbury 79£7.48
L Seddon80£6.48
Div 2
Bob Baker68£10.48
L Salter72£9.48
A Smart80£8.48
B Earney 81£7.48
J Farmer82£6.48
Div 3
S Banfield 73£10.48
N Savage 79£9.48
T Edwards 79 c/b£8.48
R Collier 80£7.48
D Lewis81£6.48

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Captain's Day - Stableford - Various Tees

Overall WinnerFred Grist43
Division 1
1stAlan Elkington40
2ndTerry Stacey39
3rdTony Clement39
Division 2
1stPete Maule42
2ndAndy Smart38
3rdPhil Toogood37
Division 3
1stNigel Punchard42
2ndColin Glibbery40
3rdBoyd Francis39

Wednesday 16th August 2017

Green Tees Medal

1st div 1B Brown 64£12.56
2ndPhil Thompson 68£11.56
3rdD Brain 69£10.56
4thT Waldron 69c/b£9.56
5thS Ball71£8.56
1st div 2K Gould 67£12.56
2ndA Taylor 69£11.56
3rdR Earney 70£10.56
4thD Perry70c/b£9.56
5thB Waddington 72£8.56
1st div 3D Nash67£12.56
2ndB Francis69£11.56
3rdG Skyme72£10.56
4thA Smith75£9.56
5thS Mitchell 75c/b£8.56

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Committee Cup - Stableford - Yellow Tees

Division 1
1stRob Thain - winner of Committee Cup36£9.36
2ndTony Waldron34£8.36
3rdPhil Thompson34£7.36
4thBrian Brown31 £6.36
5thSteve Ball31 £5.36
Division 2
1stPierce O'Shea36£9.36
2ndDavid Brown35 £8.36
3rdDon Perry33 £7.36
4thRay Guthrie 32 £6.36
5thRichard Dancey28£5.36
Division 3
1stSteve Banfield34£9.36
2ndRichard Collier33 £8.36
3rdJohn Holland29£7.36
4thJim Farmer28£6.36
5thSteve Mitchell22£5.36

Wednesday 19th July 2017

Romaine Tantalus - Stableford - Green Tees

Division 1
1stB Hall - Winner of Romaine Tantalus43£14.64
2ndS Symonds41£13.64
3rdM Hedges40£12.64
4thN Morgan37£11.64
5thD Metcalfe37£10.64
Division 2
1stK Gould40£14.64
2ndT Clement40£13.64
3rdB Waddington39£12.64
4thP Michael38£11.64
5thB Earney38£10.64
Division 3
1stJ Farmer41£14.64
2ndR Porter39£13.64
3rdR Collier39£12.64
4thD Taylor38£11.64
5thR Cockhill37£10.64

Wednesday 12th July 2017

Yellow Ball - Green Tees

1stB Sims/D Millington/I Clement131£12.08 each
2ndM Woodward/K Gould/J Wring128£11.08 each
3rdP Thompson/T Thatcher/S Mitchell120£10.08 each
4thT Thorp/S Cope117£9.08 each
5thP O'Shea/K Seery/R Cockhill116£8.08 each

Wednesday 5th July 2017

Senior's Club Championship - Yellow Tees

1stM Woodward83£15
2ndS Symonds85£13
3rdB Brown86£12
4thF Grist88£11
5thL Seddon88£10
6thT Waldron89£9
7thR Clark89£8
8thR Chappell89£7
1stP Michael66£15
2ndA Skivington68£13
3rdB Baker70£12
4thD Perry71£11
5thJ Wring71£10
6thT Thatcher71£9
7thR Collier72£8
8thB Woodland72£7

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Stableford (Eddie Jackman Trophy for Div 3) - Green Tees

Division 1 (1-16)
1stG Bradley40£13.20
2ndC Standen38£12.20
3rdB Brown38£11.20
4thB Sims38£10.20
5thL Seddon36£9.20
Division 2 (17-22)
1stL Salter45£13.20
2ndN Morgan44£12.20
3rdB McKeegan-Brown39£11.20
4thA Taylor39£10.20
5thT Thatcher38£9.20
Division 3 (23-36)
1stR Parker - Winner of Eddie Jackman Trophy44£13.20
2ndS Park40£12.20
3rdJ Wring37£11.20
4thT Russell37£10.20
5thN Savage36£9.20

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Medal - Green Tees

Division 1
1stPhil Thompson 68£12.56
2ndTerry Stacey69£11.56
3rdJohn Ward69£10.56
4thGraham Bradley 70£9.56
5thSteve Symonds70£8.56
Division 2
1stTony Thorp67£12.56
2ndPete Barnes68£11.56
3rdAlan Taylor69£10.56
4thPhil Toogood70£9.56
5thPierce O'Shea70£8.56
Division 3
1stBill Waddington62£12.56
2ndJim Wring67£11.56
3rdGeoff Skyrme72£10.56
4thIan Clement72£9.56
5thBoyd Francis72£8.56

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Texas Scramble - Green Tees

1stB Brown/A Taylor/N Savage63.13£12.40 each
2ndK Shepherd/S Ball/G Skyrme64.13£11.40 each
3rdM Duery/K Crehan/R Curtis65.50£10.40 each
4thG Price/Rick Clark/B Woodland66.00£9.40 each
5thL Seddon/B Baker/G Potts66.13£8.40 each

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Diamond Jubilee Cup - Medal - Yellow Tees

Division 1 (0-16)
1stSteve Ball68£12.40
2ndTony Waldron69£11.40
3rdAlan Elkington69£10.40
4thLeo Seddon70£9.40
5thRob Chappell70£8.40
Division 2 (17-22)
1stSteve Cope68£12.40
2ndDave Millington70£11.40
3rdKevin Seery71£10.40
4thShaun Carter72£9.40
5thLen Salter72£8.40
Division 3 (23-28)
1stJim Farmer72£12.40
2ndDave Lewis74£11.40
3rdSteve Banfield74£10.40
4thSteve Park78£9.40
5thPete Bryant78£8.40

Wally Sage Trophy

Wed 24 May

Trophy winnersDon Perry93 points £14
Bob Mc Keegan Brown
Adrian Miller
2ndJ Butler90 points (45)£13
S Ball
R Porter
3rdR Chappell 90 points (43)c/b£12
P Barnes
E Cheasley
4thR Cockhill89 points (46)£11
R Dancey
T Quinn
5thD Metcalfe 89 points (42)c/b£10
B Woodland
D Nash

Wednesday 17th May 2017

Manor Club Championship - White Tees

1stTony Waldron66
2ndJohn Ward68
3rdPhil Thompson68
4thBob Baker69
5thDave Millington69
1stSteve Banfield47
2ndDave Millington49
3rdTony Waldron51
4thIan Clement51
5thAdrian Miller51

Wednesday 10th May 2017

Seniors Open - Yellow Tees

Click here for results

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Stableford - Yellow Tees

Division 1 (0-16)
1stPaul Cains38
2ndBarry Hall36
3rdJeff Bruton35
4thTony Waldron35
5thBrian Brown33
Division 2 (17-22)
1stShaun Carter43
2ndBob Earney39
3rdSteve Cope36
4thBob Baker35
5thSteve Ball35
Division 3 (23-36)
1stKevin Gould39
2ndSteve Banfield38
3rdPete Barnes37
4thSteve Mitchell36
5thRay Wilkinson35

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Tennessee Waltz - Green Tees

1stC Robinson/P Maule/R Collier84£11.28 each
2ndM Bradbury/B Baker/G Skyrme84£10.28 each
3rdB Brown/P Cains/H Pike84£9.28 each
4thP Michael/T Thatcher/J Farmer82£8.28 each
5thH Ridene/D Brown/B Waddington81£7.28 each

Wednesday 19th April 2017

Stableford - Green Tees

Division 1 (0-16)
1stB Sims42£14
2ndR Thain40£13
3rdB Hall39£12
4thD Jones39£11
5thS Symonds38£10
Division 2 (17-22)
1stP Cains46£14
2ndRick Clark42£13
3rdB Baker42£12
4thH Ridene41£11
5thA Skivington40£10
Division 3 (23-28)
1stI Clement42£14
2ndK Gould40£13
3rdJ Farmer40£12
4thR Parker39£11
5thA Bishop38£10

Wednesday 11th April 2017

Stableford (non qualify) green tees

Position NameScore Winning
1st div 1K Hutton 40 points c/b£13.52
2ndR Thain 40 points c/b£12.52
3rdK Shepherd 39 points £11.52
4thJ Bruton 38 points £10.52
5th S Symonds 36 points £9.52
1st div 2P Toogood 45 points £13.52
2ndT Thatcher 43 points £12.52
3rdB Baker42 points £11.52
4thT Thorp 36 points c/b£10.52
5thD Elliott 36 points £9.52
1st div 3B Francis 39 points £13.52
2ndK Gould38 points £12.52
3rdA Smith36 points £11.52
4thS Park35 points c/b£10.52
5thS Banfield 35 points c/b£9.52

Wednesday 5th April 2017

Yellow Ball - Yellow Tees

1stB Sims/M Hedges/K Gould130£13.04 each
2ndP Thompson/B Woodland/B Francis129£12.04 each
3rdB Brown/S Carter/M Rawlings124£11.04 each
4thL Seddon/P Maule/B Waddington124£10.04 each
5thM Woodward/J Kelly/A Taylor122£9.04 each

Wednesday 29th March 2017

Texas Scamble - Yellow Tees

1stG Bradley/P Toogood/M Astle58.38£13.84 each
2ndS Symonds/B McKeegan-Brown/R Stone58.50£12.84 each
3rdM Woodward/D Jones/B Earney59.25£11.84 each
4thR Thain/M Henton/S Gay60.75£10.84 each
5thT Quinn/S Ball/A Bishop61.50£9.84 each

Wednesday 15th March 2017

4BBB - Yellow Tees

1stB Brown/J Richardson41£10.90 each
2ndA Elkington/P Maule 41£9.90 each
3rdR Guthrie/J Bruton 40£8.90 each
4thPhil Bryant/S Ball 40£7.90 each
5thD McCaig/D Brown 40£6.90 each
6thS Symonds/K Hutton40£5.90 each

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Stableford (Non-Qualifier) - Yellow Tees

Division 1 (0-17)
1stD Forshaw41£11.28
2ndT Waldron40£10.28
3rdD Brain38£9.28
4thC Robinson38£8.28
5thP Thompson38£7.28
Division 2 (18-22)
1stP Barnes43£11.28
2ndS Ball41£10.28
3rdB Baker38£9.28
4thP Michael37£8.28
5thG Tyrrell37£7.28
Division 3 (23-28)
1stK Gould40£11.28
2ndB Francis38£10.28
3rdD Lewis38£9.28
4thJ Richardson36£8.28
5thR Stone35£7.28

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Texas Scamble -Yellow Tees

WinnersA Elkington 59.75£12.40
T James
I Clement
SecondP Cains 60.25£11.40
R Wilkinson
J Butler
ThirdH Ridene 60.25c/b£10.40
D Metcalfe
B Francis
Fourth L Seddon 60.38£9.40
R Collier
Fifth S Ball60.38c/b£8.40
B Baker
H Pike

Wednesday 8th February 2017

4BBB - Yellow Tees

1stD Forshaw 48£14.50
N Savage
2ndD Metcalfe 44£13.50
J Holland
3rdS Gay43 c/b£12.50
R Porter
4thJ Farmer43 c/b£11.50
K Gould
5thB Baker 43 c/b£10.50
R Collier
6thM Ashwin 42£9.50
M Morgan

Wednesday 1st February 2017

Stableford (Non Qualifier) - Yellow Tees

Division 1 (0-17)
1stT Waldron31£12.08
2ndP O'Shea30£11.08
3rdD Forshaw30£10.08
4thB Hall28£9.08
5thH Ridene28£8.08
Division 2 (18-22)
1stP Toogood30£12.08
2ndT Thatcher25£11.08
3rdC Liberty25£10.08
4thP Barnes23£9.08
5thN Savage23£8.08
Division 3 (23-28)
1stI Clement26£12.08
2ndR Stone26£11.08
3rdM Henton23£10.08
4thR Porter23£9.08
5thK Gould23£8.08

Wednesday 25th January 2017

Texas Scamble - Yellow Tees

1stD Metcalfe/T Waller/T Edwards61£13.20 each
2ndK Hutton/S Carter/R Stone61.75£12.20 each
3rdB Hall/T James/J Farmer62.38£11.20 each
4thK Seery/G Tyrrell/R Earney63£10.20 each
5thB Brown/Rick Clark/G Shearn63£9.20 each

Wednesday 18th January 2017

Tennessee Waltz - Yellow Tees

1stM Hedges/R Guthrie/A Bishop79£12.50
2ndL Seddon/P Cains/D Lewis78£11.00
3rdR Thain/L Barlow/R Collier78£9.00
4thB Sims/B Brown/K Gould77£7.25
5thC Standen/B Baker/D Brain75£5.25

Wednesday 11th January 2017

4 BBB - Yellow Tees

1stK Shepherd/B Baker45£14.50 each
2ndP Cains/J Farmer44£12.50 each
3rdP Thompson/D McCaig43£11.25 each
4thT Thatcher/B Waddington42£10.25 each
5thB Hall/S Park42£9.25 each
6thS Symonds/S Banfield41£8.25 each

Wednesday 4th January 2017

Bowmaker - Yellow Tees

1stB Hall/Rick Clark/M Astle91£12.00 each
2ndS Ball/S Banfield/Wild Card90£10.50 each
3rdD Forshaw/B Earney/K Gould89£8.50 each
4thM Woodward/D Brown/B Waddington83£6.75 each
5thS Symonds/M Henton/Wild Card83£4.75 each

Wednesday 21st December 2016

3 Clubs Putter - Yellow Tees

Division 1 (0-17)
1stP O'Shea42£13.75
2ndA Elkington38£11.25
3rdM Bradbury38£9.75
4thP Thompson37£7.50
5thP Cains37£6.25
Division 2 (18-22)
1stD Perry42£13.75
2ndD Brown41£11.25
3rdB Baker40£9.75
4thL Salter39£7.50
5thB Earney37£6.25
Division 3 (23-28)
1stS Gay37£13.75
2ndD McCaig36£11.25
3rdR Collier35£9.75
4thA Smith34£7.50
5thS Banfield34£6.25

Wednesday 14th December 2016

4BBB - Yellow Tees

1stT Thatcher/B Earney46£15.00 each
2ndR Thain/P Toogood45£13.00 each
3rdL Seddon/K Gould45£11.75 each
4thP Cains/L Barlow45£10.75 each
5thB Baker/S Banfield44£9.75 each
6thT Waller/D Nash43£8.75 each

Wednesday 7th December 2016

Texas Scramble - Yellow Tees

1stP Thompson/P Maule/K Gould60.13£14.00 each
2ndJ Ward/S Mitchell/B Waddington63.25£12.25 each
3rdS Symonds/D Brown/N Savage64.13£10.50 each
4thK Hutton/D Millington64.50£8.75 each
5thB McKeegan-Brown/T Waldron/R Porter64.63£6.75 each

Wednesday 30th November 2016

Stableford - Non Qualifier - Yellow Tees

Division 1 (0-17)
1stK Hutton32£13.00
2ndM Bradbury32£10.50
3rdB Hall32£8.75
4thL Seddon31£6.75
5thC Standen31£5.50
Division 2 (18-22)
1stB Earney32£13.00
2ndT Quinn31£10.50
3rdT James30£8.75
4thP Toogood29£6.75
5thR Wright29£5.50
Division 3 (23-28)
1stR Collier36£13.00
2ndR Stone35£10.50
3rdB Francis34£8.75
4thS Park34£6.75
5thB Waddington32£5.50

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Bowmaker - Yellow Tees

1stB Hall/A Miller/M Astle88£11.75 each
2ndB Sims/L Seddon/R Collier86£10.25 each
3rdA Skivington/B Earney/Wild Card86£8.25 each
4thP O'Shea/L Barlow/D McCaig84£6.75 each
5thA Clement/P Toogood/Wild Card84£4.75 each

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Tennessee Waltz - Yellow Tees

1stB McKeegan-Brown/N Savage/L Salter83£14.00 each
2ndA Clement/D Brown/S Park79£12.25 each
3rdP Cains/R Dancey/G Skyrme78£10.50 each
4thS Ball/P Maule/R Stone77£8.50 each
5thB Hall/Rick Clark/R Parker76£6.50 each

Wednesday 9th November 2016

Texas Scramble - Green Tees

1stD Metcalfe/R Dancey/S Park63.50£12.50 each
2ndA Elkington/B Woodland/A Skivington63.63£11.00 each
3rdH Ridene/D Millington/T Edwards64.13£9.00 each
4thR Thain/P Cains/A Honeybun66.25£7.25 each
5thL Seddon/B Baker/M Brooks66.25£5.25 each

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

4BBB - Green Tees

1stA Clement/P Toogood44£15.50 each
2ndA Elkington/A Miller43£13.50 each
3rdB Brown/D Lewis43£12.50 each
4thT Quinn/M Brooks43£11.50 each
5thT Thatcher/N Morgan43£10.50 each
6thM Hedges/D Brown43£9.50 each

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Stableford - Green Tees

Division 1 (1-17)
1stFred Grist42£13.50
2ndTerry Stacey39£11.00
3rdSteve Symonds39£9.50
4thPaul Cains39£7.25
5thJohn Ward39£6.00
Division 2 (18-22)
1stBob Baker39£13.50
2ndPhilip Michael38£11.00
3rdBob Wright37£9.50
4thPete Maule37£7.25
5thGeoff Russell37£6.00
Division 3 (23-28)
1stSteve Park40£13.50
2ndLen Salter40£11.00
3rdBill Waddington39£9.50
4thRichard Collier37£7.25
5thRay Parker34£6.00

Wednesday 19th October 2016

Bowmaker - Green Tees

1stS Symonds/P Michael/R Collier85£13.25 each
2ndB Hall/C Liberty/H Pike84£11.50 each
3rdM Bradbury/J Farmer84£9.50 each
4thB Sims/S Mitchell/M Duery82£7.75 each
5thF Grist/B Baker/R Stone82£5.75 each

Wednesday 12th October 2016

Medal - Yellow Tees

Division 1 (0-17)
1stDave Jones70£12.00
2ndBrian Weeks71£9.50
3rdKeith Randell71£7.75
4thBill Sims73£5.50
5thPaul Cains74£4.50
Division 2 (18-22)
1stNeil Morgan71£12.00
2ndDave Millington73£9.50
3rdRic Clark74£7.75
4thBob Earney74£5.50
5thBob Baker76£4.50
Division 3 (23-28)
1stMo Duery66£12.00
2ndSteve Banfield70£9.50
3rdRoger Stone75£7.75
4thJim Farmer76£5.50
5thNigel Savage77£4.50

Wednesday 6th October 2016

4BBB - Green Tee

1stAlan Skivington/Pete Maule46£13.25 each
2ndChris Standen/Steve Mitchell45£11.25 each
3rdMike Ashwin/Mike Rawlings42£10.25 each
4thPaul Cains/Ray Parker42£9.25 each
5thBob McKeegan-Brown/Roger Stone41£8.00 each
6thColin Robinson/Ian Clement40£7.00 each

Wednesday 28th September 2016

Stableford - Green Tee

Division 1 (0-17)
1stKeith Randall40£13.75
2ndSteve Ball40£11.25
3rdKeith Shepherd38£9.75
4thPhil Thompson37£7.50
5thColin Robinson36£6.25
Division 2 (18-22)
1stBob McKeggan-Brown43£13.75
2ndRay Guthrie41£11.25
3rdBob Baker40£9.75
4thBev Woodland40£7.50
5thSteve Mitchell39£6.25
Division 3 (23-28)
1stPete Maule43£13.75
2ndSteve Park39£11.25
3rdKevin Gould37£9.75
4thBill Waddington36£7.50
5thJim Farmer36£6.25

Wednesday 29th August 2016

Tennessee Waltz - Green Tee

1stKeith Shepherd/Tony James/Nigel Punchard95
2ndGraham Price/Dave Brown/Len Salter90
3rdRob Thain/Bob McKeegan-Brown/Pete Maule88
4thTony Russell/Neil Morgan/Peirce O'Shea87
5thTony Quinn/Rick Clark/Steve Gay86

Wednesday 22nd August 2016

4BBB - Green Tee

1stTony Clement/Bob Baker49£15.25 each
2ndNeil Morgan/Roger Farr48£13.25 each
3rdCharles Romaine/Phil Toogood48£12.25 each
4thLeo Seddon/Dave Millington47£11.25 each
5thRick Clark/Boyd Francis46£10.00 each
6thKeith Shepherd/Steve Mitchell45£9.00 each

Wednesday 10th August 2016

Bowmaker - Green Tee

1stLeo Seddon/Bob McKeegan-Brown/Dave Forshaw91£13.25 each
2ndMike Hedges/Eddie Cheasley/John Holland90£11.50 each
3rdChris Standen/Terry Thatcher/Boyd Francis88£9.50 each
4thRob Chappell/Ray Wilkinson/Mike Henton88£7.75 each
5thBarry Hall/Bob Wright/Gerald Shearn87£5.75 each

Wednesday 3rd August 2016

Committee Cup - Stableford - Yellow Tee

Division 1 (0-17)
1stPhil Thompson40£13.75
2ndLeo Seddon38£11.25
3rdDave Brain37£9.75
4thBarry Hall37£7.50
5thAlan Elkington37£6.25
Division 2 (18-22)
1stShaun Carter - Committee Cup Winner£13.75
2ndNeil Morgan38£11.25
3rdTony Clement38£9.75
4thPhilip Michael38£7.50
5thSteve Ball37£6.25
Division 3 (23-28)
1stPhil Toogood40£13.75
2ndNigel Punchard35£11.25
3rdIan Clement33£9.75
4thSteve Banfield33£7.50
5thBill Waddington33£6.25

Wednesday 13th July 2016

Captain's Day

1stPhil Bryant/Richard Dancey/Nigel Savage93£20.00 each
2ndBill Sims/Ray Wilkinson/Mike Henton90£15.00 each
3rdSteve Symonds/Len Salter/Wild Card87£10.00 each
4thMike Hedges/Rick Clark/Mike Astle86£7.00 each
5thRob Thain /N Morgan/Pete Maule85£5.00 each
1stNigel Savage39£20.00
2ndRichard Dancey39£15.00
3rdBill Sims38£10.00
4thRay Guthrie37£7.00
5thPete Maule37£5.00

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Senior Club Championship - Medal - White Tee

Division 1 (0-17)
1stTony Waldron - Nett Champion68£15.00
2ndRob Chappell68£12.50
3rdAlan Elkington69£10.50
4thTerry Stacey - Gross Club Champion (Gross 79)69£15.00
5thAlan Skivington72£7.75
Division 2 (18-22)
1stAndy Smart68£15.00
2ndSteve Ball71£12.50
3rdTony Thorp71£10.50
4thRay Wilkinson72£8.50
5thSteve Cope72£7.75
Division 3 (23-28)
1stBill Waddington68£15.00
2ndRoger Farr69£12.50
3rdNigel Punchard71£10.50
4thPete Maule72£8.50
5thMike Henton74£7.75

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Eddie Jackman Trophy (Division 3 only) - Stableford - Green Tee

Division 1 (0-17)
1stRob Chappell42£14.25
2ndPaul Thomas41£11.75
3rdColin Robinson40£10.00
4thBarry Hall39£8.00
5thBrian Brown37£6.50
Division 2 (18-22)
1stSteve Ball42£14.25
2ndBob Baker40£11.75
3rdBev Woodland38£10.00
4thLen Salter38£8.00
5thRichard Collier37£6.50
Division 3 (23-28)
1stBill Waddington41£14.25
2ndRay Parker41£11.75
3rdSteve Park37£10.00
4thPete Maule37£8.00
5thNigel Savage35£6.50

Wednesday 15th June 2016

Stableford - Yellow Tee

Division 1 (0-17)
1stMike Bradbury37£14.25
2ndLeo Seddon37£11.75
3rdFred Grist37£10.00
4thKen Hutton35£8.00
5thAlan Elkington35£6.50
Division 2 (18-22)
1stBob McKeegan-Brown39£14.25
2ndTony Quinn39£11.75
3rdAndy Smart39£10.00
4thPhil Bryant39£8.00
5thRichard Dancey38£6.50
Division 3 (23-28)
1stRay Parker40£14.25
2ndLen Salter38£11.75
3rdNigel Savage35£10.00
4thDoug Nash34£8.00
5thRoger Farr30£6.50

Wednesday 8th June 2016

Teaxs Scramble - Green Tee

1stFred Grist/Steve Ball/Ian Clement58.63£13.25 each
2ndPierce O'Shea/Richard Dancey/Geoff Skyrme63.63£11.50 each
3rdColin Robinson/Philip Michael/Mike Astle63.75£9.50 each
4thChris Standen/Tony Quinn/Mike Rawlings64.50£7.75 each
5thAlan Honeybun/Kevin Seery/Steve Banfield64.63£5.75 each

Diamond Jubilee Cup Winner

Ham Ridene with Seniors Captain, Dave Elliott

Wednesday 1st June2016

Diamond Jubilee Cup - Medal - Yellow Tee

Division 1 (0-17)
1stSteve Symonds70£12.25
2ndPaul Thomas71£9.75
3rdRob Thain72£8.00
4thMike Bradbury73£5.75
5thPhil Thompson77£4.75
Division 2 (18-22)
1stHam Ridene68£12.25
2ndRick Clark70£9.75
3rdSteve Ball72£8.00
4thTony James73£5.75
5thDave Millington75£4.75
Division 3 (23-28)
1stRichard Collier69£12.25
2ndPeter Maule72£9.75
3rdAlan Bishop72£8.00
4thNigel Savage75£5.75
5thBill Waddington76£4.75

Wally Sage Trophy Winners

Ray Guthrie, Jean Sage, Rob Chappell and Seniors Captain, Dave Elliott

Wednesday 25th May 2016

Wally Sage Trophy - Bowmaker - Green Tee

1stRob Chappell/Ray Guthrie/Mike Rawlings91£12.00 each
2ndMike Bradbury/Bob McKeegan-Brown/Pete Maule90£10.50 each
3rdLeo Seddon/Phillip Michael/Nigel Savage86£8.50 each
4thMike Ashwin/Dave Brown/Steve Park82£7.00 each
5thColin Robinson/Bob Baker/Mike Astle82£5.00 each

Wednesday 18th May 2016

Stableford NQ - Green Tee

1stRichard Collier42£11.75
2ndRay Guthrie38£9.25
3rdAlan Bishop38£7.50
4thRay Wilkinson37£5.00
5thPhil Thompson37£4.25

Wednesday 11th May 2016

Manor Club Championship

1stDave Metcalfe64£18.00
2ndJeff Bruton64£15.00
3rdBob Earney67£10.50
1stKevin Gould46£18.00
2ndRichard Collier46£15.00
3rdGeoff Skyrme46£10.50

Wednesday 4th May 2016

Medal - Yellow Tee

Division 1 (0-17)
1stPhil Thompson64£13.75
2ndBarry Hall73£11.25
3rdAlan Skivington75£9.50
4thBill Sims76£7.25
5thMike Bradbury76£6.00
Division 2 (18-22)
1stSteve Ball72£13.75
2ndBob Earney73£11.25
3rdDon Perry75£9.50
4thDave Elliott76£7.25
5thDave Brown77£6.00
Division 3 (23-28)
1stMike Henton73£13.75
2ndNigel Punchard73£11.25
3rdSteve Gay74£9.50
4thTony Edwards75£7.25
5thMike Astle75£6.00

Wednesday 27th April 2016

Tennessee Waltz

1stMike Hedges/Chris Liberty/Steve Gay84£13.50 each
2ndGeoff Russell/Ray Wilkinson/Nigel Punchard83£11.75 each
3rdPaul Thomas/Eric Nott/Geoff Skyrme82£10.00 each
4thGeorge Tyrell/Ham Ridene/Doug Nash81£8.00 each
5thBarry Hall/Steve Ball/Dave Lewis80£6.00 each

Wednesday 20th April 2016

Stableford - Green Tee

Division 1 (0-17)
1stDave Brain35£13.25
2ndRob Chappell35£10.75
3rdPaul Thomas34£8.75
4thLeo Seddon34£6.75
5thBill Sims33£5.75
Division 2 (18-22)
1stRay Wilkinson40£13.25
2ndTony Thorp39£10.75
3rdAlan Skivington38£8.75
4thBob McKeegan-Brown35£6.75
5thGraham Marsh33£5.75
Division 3 (23-28)
1stLen Salter39£13.25
2ndBill Waddington36£10.75
3rdGerald Shearn35£8.75
4thBill Lane34£6.75
5thNigel Savage34£5.75

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Stableford NQ (13 holes) - Winter Tee

1stRob Thain27£14.00
2ndBrian Brown26£13.00
3rdSteve Symonds25£12.00
4thRoger Stone24£10.50
5thRichard Collier24£9.50
6thGeorge Tyrell23£8.50
7thBob Baker23£7.50
8thRichard Dancey21£6.50
9thSteve Mitchell20£4.50

Wednesday 17th February 2016

Bowmaker (13 holes) - Winter Tee

1stRob Thain/Mike Woodward/Hugo Pike61£11.50 each
2ndDave Metcalfe/Rob Earney/Steve Banfield60£10.00 each
3rdPhil Thompson/Adrian Miller/Richard Curtis60£8.00 each
4thTony Clement/Ian Clement/Graham Robinson59£6.50 each
5thBrian Brown/Bob McKeegan-Brown/Mike Henton59£4.50 each

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Texas Scramble

1stRob Thain/Richard Collier34£13.50 each
2ndMike Daniel/Steve Banfield32£11.50 each
3rdRick Clark/Mike Astle32£10.25 each
4thSteve Cope/Pete Maule31£9.25 each
5thAlan Skivington/Kevin Gould31£8.25 each
6thJeff Bruton/Peter Barnes30£7.25 each

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Stableford NQ - Winter Tee

Division 1 (0-17)
1stDave Metcalfe37£11.50
2ndSteve Cook35£9.00
3rdKen Hutton32£7.50
4thSteve Symonds32£5.00
5thBarry Hall31£4.25
Division 2 (18-22)
1stRichard Clarke38£11.50
2ndRick Clark37£9.00
3rdDave Taylor36£7.50
4thHam Ridene35£5.00
5thAlan Skivington33£4.25
Division 3 (23-28)
1stRay Parker40£11.50
2ndGeoff Skyrme36£9.00
3rdSteve Mitchell35£7.50
4thLen Salter35£5.00
5thRichard Collier34£4.25

Wednesday 27th January 2016

Stableford NQ (13holes) - Winter Tee

1stBob McKeegan-Brown29£10.00
2ndBarry Hall27£9.00
3rdRay Parker26£8.00
4thSteve Symonds26£7.00
5thDave Lewis25£6.00
6thSteve Mitchell25£5.00
7thBob Baker24£3.00

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Tennessee Waltz

1stBob Baker/Tony Quinn/Hugo Pike81£12.00 each
2ndMike Ashwin/Ham Ridene/Jim Wring77£10.50 each
3rdBrian Weeks/Richard Dancey/Nigel Punchard75£8.50 each
4thTony Clement/Bob McKeegan-Brown/Nigel Savage74£7.00 each
5thAlan Elkington/Ray Guthrie/Richard Collier74£5.00 each

Wednesday 13th January 2016

4BBB - Winter Tee

1stBrian Weeks/Nigel Punchard32£14.50 each
2ndKeith Shepherd/Ray Guthrie31£12.50 each
3rdBrian Brown/Richard Curtis31£11.50 each
4thMike Ashwin/Derek McCaig31£10.50 each
5thPhil Thompson/Dave Taylor30£9.50 each
6thChris Liberty/Jim Wring30£8.50 each

Wednesday 6th January 2016

Bowmaker - Winter Tees

1stMike Hedges/Richard Dancey/Ian Clement88
2ndDave Brain/Richard Curtis/Steve Mitchell86
3rdSteve Symonds/Rick Clark/wild card85
4thBrian Brown/Dave Taylor/Malcolm Brooks84
5thBrian Weeks/Bob Baker/Steve Banfield84

Wednesday 9th December 2015

4BBB - Winter tee

1stBill Sims / Ray Parker41£15.00 each
2ndPhil Thompson / Dave Taylor38£13.00 each
3rdJeff Bruton / John Holland38£12.00 each
4thBrian Brown / Ray Guthrie37£11.00 each
5thBarry Hall / Nigel Savage37£10.00 each
6thSteve Symonds / Dave Lewis37£9.00 each
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04.07.2018 11:13
DUCHY COURSE, 18 holes FULLY OPEN, Buggies available. The 9 hole MANOR COURSE is OPEN. Please repair pitch marks and divots. Temporary Rule, free lift, clean and drop if ball lands in a crack.
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