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Junior Golf Handbook
Handbook for juniors, parents, carers
and helpers
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Welcome to Farrington Park
Names and contact details of junior personnel
Mission Statement
Junior Golf Development plan
Child safety document
Playing the course
Junior handicaps
Junior Code of Conduct
Information for parents, carers and helpers.
Coaching for juniors at Farrington
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Welcome to Farrington Park Junior Section
The purpose of this booklet is to provide you with relevant information about how Farrington promotes golf for junior girls and boys. It also explains our commitment to providing a safe environment for children to enjoy, to improving their standard of golf and to helping then achieve high standards of behaviour.

Junior Section Personnel
Tel No. E mail
Junior Organisers
18 hole
John Russell t:01761 451596
9 hole
Mark Wickham Email:cindywickham@hotmail.co.uk 01761 451596 ext 110,
Professional coaches
Jonathan Lawrence jonathanl@farringtonpark.co.uk
Terry Williams Terryw@farringtonpark.co.uk
Alex Todd alext@farringtonpark.co.uk

Junior Welfare Officer
Martin Higgs T:07831752056 martinhiggs@gmail.com

Farrington Park
Junior Section Mission Statement
The mission of this golf club is to encourage juniors to join the golf club and progress in the development of their game. We aim to provide an environment where male and female juniors play golf in a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We will try to make junior golf rewarding and enjoyable through learning, caring and achieving.
Learning; we aim to provide professional coaching in a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The juniors are provided with free or reduced rates on all group and individual coaching.
Caring; we have appointed a Junior Welfare Officer, Martin Higgs who will be available to deal with any problems or have a friendly chat John& Mark are the junior organisers and together
we ensure that all personnel involved with the Junior Section are CRB checked and are asked to sign a code of conduct.
We encourage the involvement of parents and guardians in all aspects of their children’s activities. We also ask all junior members to sign up to the junior code of conduct.
Achieving; The juniors are encouraged to play in the many organised junior competitions and matches throughout the year on both courses as well as playing men’s and ladies competitions on the 18 hole course once they have reached the required standards. They are also encouraged to play junior opens and county events at away clubs.

Junior Golf Development Plan

Here are our objectives for the development of junior golf at Farrington Park:
1. To continue to give extensive opportunities for juniors to play competitive golf and reduce their handicap.
2. To grow the junior section to 120 juniors by December 31 2016 including at least 15 girls.
3. To win the Bristol and District Junior League.
4. To get 10 boys and 5 girls involved within the Somerset County squads.
5. To have a win in at least 2 junior opens away from the club.
6. To teach Tri golf to at least 12 primary schools in the area and lead them into junior coaching at Farrington.
7. To continue with the National Skills Challenge at the club.
8. To display all Golfmark benchmarks.
9. To continue to ensure all personnel working with juniors are all CRB/DBS checked.

Farrington Park Child Protection Policy

Farrington Park has considered its responsibilities to the children participating in golf at our premises and within our club very carefully. We have produced the following Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and underpinning procedures in order to set out the standards we wish to uphold in providing activities for children and safeguarding the welfare of children in our care.
Farrington Park affiliates to the Somerset Golf Union / Association and our professional coaching staff are members of the Professional Golfers’ Association. The club recognises the policies of these governing bodies, as set out in the ‘Guidelines for Safeguarding Children in Golf’ (CiG).

Policy statement

Farrington Park acknowledges its duty of care to safeguard the welfare of all children (defined as those under 18) involved in golf within the club. All children have a right to protection, and have their particular needs taken into account.

Farrington Park will therefore endeavour to ensure the safety and protection of all children involved with the club through the Child Protection guidelines adopted by the management of the club. It is the responsibility of all adults within the club to assist the management of the club in this endeavour.

Policy aims

• To provide children with appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of the club and also help them to enjoy their experience of the sport
• To reassure parents that their children will receive the best practicable care possible whilst participating in activities within the club
• To provide support to staff and volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific child protection issues and to fulfil their role effectively.


• The welfare of children is paramount
• All children, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, ethnic origin and religious beliefs have the right to protection from abuse
• All suspicions and allegations of abuse and poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately
• All staff and volunteers working in golf have a responsibility to report concerns to the Club Welfare Officer (Contact details on page 49).
• Adults – staff, volunteers, coaches, referees and members will be supported to understand their role and responsibility with regard to the duty of care and protection of children and young people
• Individuals will receive support through education and training to be aware of and understand best practice and how to manage any welfare or child protection issues that may come to light
• Farrington Park will work in partnership with parents to review and implement child protection and welfare procedures

Farrington Park’s policy and procedures are based on the above principles and UK and international legislation and government guidance and take the following into consideration:

• The Children Act 1989 and 2004
• The Child Care Act 1991(NI)
• The Data Protection Act 1994 & 1998
• The Police Act 1997
• The Human Rights Act 1998
• The Protection of Children Act 1999
• Caring for the young and vulnerable - Home Office Guidance for preventing the abuse of trust 1999
• Children First 1999 (ROI)
• The Criminal and Court Services Act 2000
• Co-Operating to Safeguard Children 2003 (NI)
• What to do if you are worried a child is being abused 2005
• Working Together to Safeguard Children 2006)
• The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
• Any subsequent legislation relating to child protection would implicitly be incorporated into this document

Responsibilities & communication

• The Farrington Park Child Protection Policy will be available to all members, parents, staff, volunteers and participants.
• The Policy will be reviewed annually by the management of the club, and amended as appropriate. Guidance from golf’s governing bodies will be sought as part of the review process.
• The management of the club has responsibility for ensuring that the policy and procedures are implemented, including taking any appropriate disciplinary action necessary.
• The Club Welfare Officer has responsibility for responding to any allegations, concerns or child protection incidents, passing information to the appropriate National Governing Body Lead Child Protection Officer and informing the appropriate club staff.
• Parents have a responsibility to work together with the club in implementing procedures and providing their children with the necessary information to safeguard themselves.

Any question or issues please contact the Junior Welfare Officer, Martin Higgs on 07831752056 or e-mail martinhiggs@gmail.com

Playing the Course
Juniors of any age up to 17 can join the club and will not have to pay a joining fee. All juniors under 16 will start their membership on the 9 hole course unless they are transferring from another club with a CONGU handicap of 20 or better for boys or 28 for girls.
Juniors may join the 18 hole course once they have achieved the following: the required 9 hole handicap of 10 for boys and 14 for girls, they have answered a rules and etiquette test.
9 hole junior members may play the 18 hole course anytime Monday to Friday excluding Bank holidays week as long as they are playing with an adult or a junior 18 hole member and have paid the appropriate junior fee.
Once juniors turn 18 they are encouraged to become intermediate members of the club and will not have to pay a joining fee. They will pay a reduced price membership until they are 18 years of age.
We have many competitions and coaching sessions throughout the year which can be viewed on the website www.farringtonpark.co.uk. or on the junior notice boards in the Golf shop foyer or driving range. Competition sign-up sheets can also be found on the junior notice board.

Junior Handicaps
The following applies to all junior members of Farrington Park wishing to obtain a golf handicap
9 Hole Manor Course Handicap
A junior must submit three (3) separate score cards for the 9 Hole Course, each of which must be correctly and clearly completed and signed by a person acceptable to the Club Committee who completed the round of golf with them.
An acceptable person can be:
A - A member over the age of 14 holding a recognised CONGU handicap for the 18 hole Duchy Course
B - A person over the age of 14 holding a CONGU handicap from another golf course
C - Another junior member already holding a 9 hole handicap and playing together in an official junior competition
At all times the Club reserves the right before issuing a handicap to request the junior member to play a round of golf with the Junior Organiser or their nominated representative to assess their standard.
Alterations to a Handicap
Handicaps may be adjusted by submitting a correctly completed, signed score card after playing in a junior competition

Progression to the Duchy Course (18 Hole) Handicap
A junior must:
Follow the junior pathway or be aged 16 or over and pass a playing and rules/etiquette test.
Under 16 Junior Pathway
1. Join the 9 hole Manor Course
2. Obtain a 9 hole handicap
3. Reduce handicap to 36 for boys and 54 for girls by playing in Aca Competitions
4. Join the 9 hole Manor Course
5. Obtain a handicap on the 9 hole Manor Course
6. Reduce 9 hole handicap to 10 for boys and 14 for girls by playing in 9 hole Manor Competitions
7. Play to that handicap twice more in 9 hole Manor Competitions
8. Answer rules and etiquette test
9. Join 18 Duchy hole course
10. Obtain 9 holes handicap (Red tees girls/green tees boys)
11. Reduce handicap to 16 for boys and 18 for girls in 9 hole competitions
12. Girls: Obtain 18 hole CONGU handicap
13. Boys: Obtain 18 hole handicap from Yellow tees
14. Boys: Obtain 18 hole CONGU handicap

Alterations to a Handicap
Handicaps may be adjusted by submitting a clearly and correctly completed, signed score card after playing in a junior or main club competition

This code of conduct has been designed to ensure that all Young Golfers at Farrington Park have a point of reference providing the minimum standards expected from them when participating in golfing activity. All young Golfers should ensure that they are fully conversant with the code and should strive to meet the code at all times, whether playing at Farrington Park or at any other club.
You should:
Appreciate that you are valued for the role that you have in golf.
Ensure that all golfers are able to participate in golf without fear of ridicule, harassment or restriction.
Help create & maintain an environment free of fear & harassment.
Understand that you have the right to be treated as an individual.
Respect the advice that you receive that promotes the concept of a balanced attitude.
Treat other golfers with the same respect and fairness you would like them to show to you.
Demonstrate fair play on and off the course.
Respect differences in gender, disability, culture, race, ethnicity, age, social orientation and religious beliefs between yourself and others.
Challenge discrimination and prejudice.
Look out for yourself and the welfare of others.
Not engage in irresponsible, abusive, inappropriate or illegal behaviour.
Challenge behaviour that falls below the expected standards of the county or club.
Speak out if you have concerns about anything, your own needs or the needs of others.
Be organised and on time.
Accept that these guidelines are in place for the well-being of all concerned.
Treat organisers and coaches with respect.
Observe instructions or restrictions required by appropriate members of staff.
You must not :
Consume alcohol (unless 18 or over).
Consume illegal and performance enhancing drugs.
Use foul or abusive language
Publicly use critical or disrespectful descriptions of others.
Leave the golf club grounds (whether Farrington or any other club) after an organised event without letting the organiser of the event know that you are leaving.

Dress Code for the Clubhouse
We are well known for our relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Farrington.
We also aim to provide a first class facility open to all.
We would be grateful if members and visitors maintained a smart appearance at all times:
Smart collarless t-shirts are acceptable
Smart jeans (not holey!) and clean tracksuits are acceptable
Beach or football shorts, vests, work wear, dirty or paint splattered clothes are not acceptable

Please do not be offended if you are asked to change for being incorrectly dressed.

Dress Codes for the golf courses
18 hole Duchy Course
Shirts: Must have a collar (No rugby, football or ‘football logo style’ shirts)
Trousers: Golf trousers, smart trousers or chinos are acceptable (No denim jeans or tracksuits)
Shorts: Smart knee length or plain cargo style shorts are acceptable (No beach, camouflage, denim or football/gym shorts)
Socks: Must be worn at all times
Shoes: Must be golf shoes with spikes or soft spikes
9 hole Manor Course
Shirts: Must be smart (not dirty or ripped) and worn at all times
Trousers: Must be smart (not dirty or ripped)
Shorts: No beach or football shorts
Socks: Must be worn at all times
Shoes: Must be trainers or golf shoes with spikes or soft spikes
Please do not be offended if you are asked to change for being incorrectly dressed.
Information for Parents, Carers and Helpers
• Ensure that their child signs in and out in the pro shop or with the junior organiser in charge of the competition or coaching session, so that the management team and professionals know the whereabouts of your child whilst engaging in golf.
• If you leave your child please make sure they have some spending money or bar card. The appropriate clothing for the weather and time of year plus sunscreen and a drink.
• Parents should introduce themselves to the adults involved in the supervision of the junior section; junior organisers, professionals and the child welfare officer.
• Parents should be punctual when dropping off or picking up their children and ensured they have signed out. Parents have the sole responsibility of picking up their child after golf.
• Ensure that you have a signed parental consent form and the club has an emergency contact number for you when you are away from the club, a mobile phone number is preferable.
• Advise the Child welfare officer or junior organiser if your child has any particular needs (e.g. allergies, learning disabilities) to ensure they are provided for in the best possible way.
• Parents and helpers should sign a transport form if they are going to transport children to and from matches.
• Photography and video is prohibited unless carried out by the specified persons as written in the parental consent form.
• If a child comes to you with a problem about bullying or another sensitive matter you should contact the welfare officer or junior organiser. All matters will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.
• There are first aid kits located in the main office, kitchen, bar, pro shop and green keepers shed. Several of the staff are trained first aid officers and details can be found in the main office.

Coaching for Juniors at Farrington

We aim to provide professional coaching in a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The juniors are provided with free or reduced rates on all group and individual coaching. Use of equipment is also free during every coaching session.
Sunday Tiger Club – every Sunday aimed at juniors starting their golfing career - £50.00 per child for 8 sessions (to be used within 4 months of purchase) contact Terry Williams for further information, Terryw@farringtonpark.co.uk

Junior Holiday Sessions – During school holidays and half terms Ask in the Golf shop for more details.
Farrington Schools Program – many schools attend sessions at Farrington – Ask Terry Williams if you want your school to take part.Terryw@farringtonpark.co.uk

Farrington Park Juniors Rules and Etiquette test

Etiquette test
1. How many pitch marks should you repair on each green?
A: At least two
2. What should you do after playing your bunker shot out of a bunker?
A: Rake all marks
3. What should you do if there are faster players coming up behind you?
A: Stand to the side where it is safe and waive them to play through
4. What should you do when you think your ball may hit another player?
A: Yell FORE! As loud as you can
5. Where should you leave your trolley/golf bag when you arrive at a green?
A: At the side of the green closest to the next tee
6. Where should you stand when another player is teeing off?
A: Facing the player and slightly behind
7. If a player thinks that there is a chance that his/her ball may be lost what should do?
A: Play a provisional ball & tell your playing partners that’s what you are going to do
8. After holing out, why should you not pull the ball out from a hole using a club?
A: It will damage the hole
9. When on a putting green, why do you not stand on your playing partner’s line under any circumstances?
A: It may damage the putting surface and cause an untrue roll.
10. In stableford competitions what do you do if you have already played too many shots to score and have not yet completed the hole?
A: Pick up your ball and move on to the next hole.

Rules test

1. What colour are out of bounds stakes?
A: White
2. If you hit your first tee shot out of bounds what you should do next?
A: Play from the original position under a penalty stroke. (You are now playing your third).
3. What are your options if your ball is in an unplayable lie?
A: a) Drop the ball within two club lengths of the ball’s position, b) Take the point of the ball’s position and go back as far as you like in line with the flag, c) Play another ball from the point from where it was originally played. All are under a one stroke penalty.
4. Are you required to hole everything out in a stroke play competition?
A: Yes
5. What is the maximum amount of clubs allowed in a bag during a round of golf?
A: 14
6. What is the colour of Water Hazard stakes?
A: Yellow
7. What is the colour of Lateral Water Hazard stakes?
A: Red
8. What is the difference between a Water Hazard and a Lateral Water Hazard?
A: Water Hazards run across a hole and has 3 options. Lateral Water Hazards run along the side of a hole and has 5 options.
9. On a scorecard what 3 things is the player responsible for?
A: 1) To have the correct handicap recorded 2) To check the gross score on each hole is correct 3) to ensure both the marker and the player have signed the card.
10. Can you move loose impediments such as leaves/twigs in a bunker?
A: No

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18 hole Duchy course is OPEN, all holes in play. Buggies available. 9 hole Manor Course OPEN. Please repair pitch marks and divots. Take caution on 11th/12th due to tee construction in progress.
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